Spring Equinox

This year we celebrate the Spring Equinox on the 20th March 2017, it is the festival off balance, the balance of light and dark, the balance of the inner world and the outer world, the balance and joining of the conscious and the unconscious. 

Our ancestors understood that the physical, mental and spiritual levels were so interlocked and perfectly balanced, that whatever is done on one level will inevitably affect the other two. 

The spring equinox if often symbolized by a Spring maiden with a basket of eggs. The female is represented because from her new life comes. The egg symbolises the rebirth of the nature, the fertility of the earth and creation.

On this day you can give your sacred space a good spring cleaning. Also try to celebrate this day outside, go to a wild place, where the Earth energies run strong. If you want more suggestions on what you can do on this day, and want to know how our ancestors approached this time of the year, feel free to watch the video. 

I hope you enjoy

Love and Blessings 

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