Tarot Spreads · 12. December 2019
A Tarot Spread for the Winter Solstice
15. October 2019
How you can use the concept of Land, Sky and Sea in your rituals or in your shellwork.
Tarot Spreads · 20. September 2019
Hi lovelies, the wheel is at that time where the length of day and night are equal again. We are slowly moving into the dark time of the year and many of us will work more with their inner realms during this period. Our labours come to fruition, it is harvest time. Our focus will also shift more indoors again. For all of summer we may have spent a lot of time outdoors, spend the nights watching the night sky. But as is beginns to get darker earlier and the temperature drops, we will probably...
Update · 10. June 2019
The saddest post I ever had to write...
Update · 16. May 2019
Time for an adventure, my healing journey and more
Update · 29. March 2019
What else comes with your broken leg?
Update · 08. January 2019
What is going on in my life right now?
Tarot Spreads · 13. December 2018
Yule Tarot Spread - A twelfth night Tarot Reading
Update · 17. November 2018
I'm back for readings and further updates.
Update · 27. October 2018
A quick update and time for a break

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