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Tales Unfold - A place for Energy Healing, Faery, Books, and more

The following pages will guide you to a place of healing, to the wonders of the beyond, to worlds of the fantastical, and more.

I truly hope you will find what you need in this little corner.


Energy Healing


The energy of your surrounding will affect you, your family and even your pets. 

Geopathic stress in your home can cause poor sleep quality, headaches, anxiety, and more. 

Find out more about Energy Healing for houses, people, pets, and the land.



World of Fae


I have created a FREE Faery course for those who want to have a deeper connection with nature and the Fae. 

This course is a mix of videos and text and you can follow it at your own pace. 

I hope this will bring you much joy and a deeper understanding of the Land and the Self. 




'Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people's.'

- Anais Nin

Here you can find my first two published novels. A World Unseen & Underworld Rising - The Naviira Tales. 

A world of the Fae, magic, and the all too human struggles.




An introduction to the Ogham divination system. Learn the meaning of the different trees and their uses in magic.




A blog that includes Tarot Spreads, The Wheel of the Year, regular updates, Energy Healing and so much more.




If you only have a few minutes but are in need of some unwinding, then I hope my guided journeys will be a useful tool for you.