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For personal reasons my Tarot readings are closed until further notice.






When we lay out the cards, we can watch how a tale will unfold, we may see a wolf, howling at the Moon, or a Tower destroyed by lightning, or maybe we see a happy couple under a rainbow or how some friends are celebrating together. All those images tells us a tale. My role as a Tarot reader is to weave those images and tales together, and to show you the true core of this tale, the true story of your situation.


The cards can help you to make a decision, they can bring  guidance when you seek answers, they can show you the future and guide you in the direction you want to go. But please know, even if the cards can indicate a possible future, your destiny is in your own hands, you make the decisions for yourself.


My readings are empowering, and I focus on how to choose the best possible path for yourself and how you can get there.


Otherwise feel free to have a look at my blog, I add different Tarot spreads on regular basis, I also write about the Wheel of the Year, I share my own meditations and I write about my work with faeries. 

You can also find information about the Ogham on this site.

Grab a cup of tea, get comfortable and explore my little realm. 


Much Love and Blessings