Ogham Reading 


There are different approaches to read the Ogham.

One possibility is :


                                              Open Ogham Reading

To do this throw all of your staves gently upon a surface. You can interpret now their different positions, for example which ones are the furthest away from you, and which ones are closest? What lies further away could indicate your future or your potential in the situation and those staves that are closer could indicate the roots of your situation. Also pay attention to the relations between the different staves. 

This could be a good exercise to strengthen your visionary abilities and your intuition. If you are inclined to do so, ask the tree spirits for assistance and guidance during your reading. 

You can also use spreads, like we do with Tarot and Oracle Cards, I wouldn't use more than seven positions due to the limited amount of staves, but I have already seen how people do a Celtic Cross spread with the Ogham system, so if this is something you want to try, feel free to do so.

Here are a couple of spreads that you could try at the beginning.


Spreads by Danu Forest:



                                                 Three Staves Reading 



1. The lower World

This position represents the roots of your situation, and you can also connect it with the Underworld which holds the wisdom of our ancestors. It is the realm of the Sidhe, the faeries, and the weaver goddess. This position tells you what has brought you here and what is at the core of the situation.

2. The middle World

This position highlights your present circumstances and the issues and support that surround you in your everyday life. The Ogham placed here serves as a reminder of how to relate to the sacred earth and the human world around you in a more effective and conscious manner, that is where real change, healing, and empowerment can occur. It advises you how to act for the best outcome as well as how to embrace the present effectively. 

3. The upper World

This is the place of divinity and our highest self. In the upper world, we may find our first and best intentions, reconnecting with our original potential. It represents the source from which we can draw energy and ideas. The Ogham placed here reminds us of our highest aims and potential, suggesting a possible future should we navigate true to our soul’s purpose. It may also point out how to reclaim a positive perspective or come to terms with the effects and consequences of our actions. 

                                        Five Staves Reading

1. The lower world

2. The middle World

3. The upper World

4. Male line, Air

This can refer to your male side or you could also use this position as breathing in, this would suggest that which supports us and from where we may draw our energy.


5. Female line, Water

This can refer to our feminine side or you could use this position as breathing out, this would suggest what needs attention and where you should place your energy and best efforts. 

Spreads by Mickie Mueller:


                                        Dragon’s Eye spread

1. Earth, past source of the situation

2. Sea, the present situation

3. Sky, the future if the present course is maintained

4. The Dragon’s fire of transformation, the powerful influence behind every aspect of the situation.


                                        Oak Tree Spread

1. The present situation

2. Events of the past that led you here

3. Unseen influences

4. Your deepest hopes and fears

5. The source of inspiration for the future

6. Your best course of action

7. Outcome if the current path is followed

8. Potential alternative outcome if the present course is changed

                                   My Ogham Reading 

Here you can find the video for this reading, or you can just red the text below 



1. Underworld

Represents the core of the situation and what lead me here.

2. Middle World

The present situation, issues and support that surround you in your everyday life, and the best way to embrace the present.

3. Upperworld

Reconnection with your highest potential and a possible future should you navigate true to our soul’s purpose

4. The World Tree

The link that ties all the worlds together and helps you to transform into your whole self.

First of all I have a look at the spread as a whole, what immediately comes to my mind when I see the cards together is that softness in color, a gentle energy surrounds the reading and a sense of healing and softness. It feels very feminine, which is for me personal already a great indicator as I get more messages lately, that it is important for me at this time to reconnect with my feminine energy. We also see that the middle card interrupts this softness with its bright color and fiery energy. Let’s have a closer look at the individual positions :


1. Ruis - Elder

The core of my situation is that moment just before change happens, right now I’m standing at a threshold, but I’m still waiting for something to end. A spark of inspiration lead me here to this position but I wasn't able to let go of something, this did hold me back for a while. But I also know that the changes I have to make will bring creativity and draw in new ideas and thoughts. 

When I think a bit deeper about this Ogham, I also know that it can indicate that I need to face my shadow self and also need to come to peace with my less graceful and positive aspects, which sums up my spiritual path of late. I truly was able to face all this and even stop judging those aspects of myself, and to embrace them instead and accept them as a part of a whole.

It also indicates that a sacrifice must be made in order to gain in the long term, and this sacrifice has been made, and I see that this brought me already in a better position. I had to correct some steps I took, and I did act in a responsible and honorable manner, so I can move on now and can take that step to cross over the threshold.


2. Onn - Gorse

The yellow color connects this few with the mind, with our thoughts, and at this time my mind is highly active and full of inspiration, but I have to remind myself to take a break in between, as it sometimes seems like the fire gets out of control. 

Gorse suggests that I need to bring my focus back to what truly matters to me and there is a need to cool this fire down a little bit. However it also highlights that great creative energy that I feel so strongly at this time, I just need to steer it in the right direction. It also indicates a time of sensual energy, which fits the path that I’m on perfectly at the moment, allowing myself to feel and experience life with all my senses.

Gorse also promises that effort will be rewarded when we honor our achievements, so instead of being often so disheartened and fall back into my thinking pattern of how many failures I’ve been through, I should just truly celebrate all the things I’ve achieved in my life. It also indicates that my search is over, so that I found that little something that I was looking for, for quiet a while. This empowers me that I really am on the right path at the moment and that I can continue my journey from here. 


3. Saille - Willow

The willow talks about harmony and balance, so in order to reconnect with my highest potential I have to be in tune with my feelings and the wisdom that comes from the otherworld sources and dreams, which is very interesting for me at this time, as my dreams are much more vivid lately. Willow is a very feminine tree which, again, tells me to find a deeper connection to the sacred feminine. As the Willow is also connected with clairvoyance and a time of enchantment, it indicates that my future holds the potential to fully trust my intuition and to truly belief in my psychic abilities.

I need to use my intuition instead of logic to see some things clearer. 

Not long ago I did a tarot spread where one of the cards indicated to come into my hearts center, and again here the willow suggests that now is the time to tune in to my heart and to move forward aligned with the heart’s wisdom. It also tells me that I need to be flexible especially emotionally and practically, this will help to expand awareness and knowledge of the otherworld as well as altered states of consciousness. I know that changes are on their way, so I need to adapt and allow myself to go with the flow. 


4. Ur - Heather 

Heather indicates a time of healing, where further stress should be avoided. The overactive mind that we saw in the Gorse card / stave needs a little break. To bring everything together at this point I need to focus on my inner being, fully enjoy and appreciate what life is offering me at this point. I have to fully commit to this, and I am also encouraged to follow my passion and my desire. It is a time where I can simply be, and if I simply follow what feels comfortable and wholesome, only goodness follows. I need to trust my own luck, trust in the universe and finding back to my innocence. There is again an indication in this few that new opportunities are opening, and Spirit will lend a hand and guide me. Heather also suggests that my confidence will be enhanced and if I find back to that childlike innocence and the sense of wonder, my life will be filled with ease and playfulness. Dreams, and hopes may come true if I’m able to tie all of those aspects together. 

Deck used : Wisdom of the Trees by Blossom Fae


                                                                Here you can see a walkthrough of the cards :