My Services 


My work is done remotely. As an Energy Healer, I can tune into the energy field of land, house, pets, and people over great distances. 

Distance Reiki

Reiki is one of the most well-known energy healing modalities. If you feel tense, are stressed, are looking for pain relief, or want to engage in self-care, try out a distance Reiki session.






House Healing

The energy of our environment affects us. If your house feels unwelcoming, cold, or "off", you may want to learn more about House Healing.

Find out more about the clearing of energy disturbances, trapped spirits, EMF, water veins, and much more.



Card Readings

Selected Tarot and Oracle card readings either additional to your Reiki session, your House Healing, or as a stand-alone reading. 

The cards can give us information that might be deeply buried within us, or they can clarify what we may already know.




Reiki Infused Journeys

A great opportunity to try a gentle form of Energy Healing which is very budget friendly and can bring you relaxation and healing. 

You can find a few options in this section. I hope in time, I can expand this offer for you.