House Healing

Geopsychic Stress-Energtic Imprints
House Healing · 05. February 2024
What is Geopsychic Stress and what are Energetic Imprints? Learn more about spirit lines, portals, place memory, curses on the land, and more. How you can find them, what you need to dowse for, and how to clear them.

Trapped Spirits, Guardians, Dark Energy Beings & more
House Healing · 30. November 2023
What types of energy beings can be found in your home? Are they all detrimental or can you even work with them? In this article we are going to explore all the beings from trapped spirits, to your Guardians of the home, and we even address the darker energy beings.

Earth Energy
House Healing · 16. November 2023
Learn more about Earth Energy, Ley Lines, Energy Spirals, Water Veins, and more. How does Earth Energy influences us and vice versa. And what to do when you find Water Veins underneath your home.

What is a House Healer?
House Healing · 12. September 2023
How does a House Healer work? When you should consider getting a House Healing done? And how can it benefit you? Learn more about the different aspects a House Healer analyses and how a House Healer can clear negative energy.