About me

She who has many names, some may know her as Blossom, others may recognize her as Rowan, and some names will remain a secret.

Whatever you want to call her, she is a writer, a Tarot reader, an energy healer, a seeker of mysteries, and an enthusiast of lore and legends.

Her passion for all things hidden, the unseen, is reflected in her novels just as much as in her healing work.

Together with her husband and her two rescue dogs, Nova and Gwyn, she lives in Germany.

My journey began at a young age, as I first discovered Tarot cards. Someone once called them the poor man's therapist and I like this expression. I don't enjoy working with them in a future telling way, as nothing is ever set in stone, but I use them to gain deeper insight into the mind and soul of an individual who is seeking guidance and for their empowerment. They are a trusted tool for me, and that already for over 25 years. 

I also took two courses by Lucy Cavendish and became a certified Oracle Card Reader. 

Furthermore, I have learned the Ogham system, and I am an ongoing student of the lore and legends of the Fae.


I follow a Pagan path, Pagan meaning someone of the Land, someone deeply rooted. I always wondered about Ley Lines, earth energies and why specific places feel so different from others. Where does it all come from? I started using dowsing rods and tried to learn more about all these mysterious energies just below our feet. My curiosity turned into a deep interest, and a need for further exploration of the topic arose. I took an expansive course with Tim Walter, a House Healer & Geomancer. 


 In 2021 I've received my Reiki Master in Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. I love this wonderful system of energy healing and am in awe of the results it can bring. I also use Reiki for my House Healing.