About me

She who has many names, some may know her as Blossom, others may recognize her as Rowan, and some names will remain a secret.

Whatever you want to call her, she is a writer, a Tarot reader, a seeker of mysteries, and an enthusiast for lore and legends.

Since a young age, Rowan was introduced to stories of dragons, brave warriors, and mystical enchantresses. She always carried the legendary tales in her heart until it was time to put the pen to paper and create a myth herself. Although, some even argue Rowan might have heard whispers from the Fae themselves and was urged to tell their stories.

Together with her husband and her two rescue dogs, Ivy and Nova, she lives in Germany and disappears behind her laptop to delve into unknown worlds as often as she can. Rumors have it, if you’re standing at a cascade at night when the moon is full, and you listen carefully, you can hear her plotting.