About me

Before I start to explain my journey with the cards, I want to share this short video with you.

This will tell you a bit about my personal path and where I'm coming from.



As I built up this homepage, I started thinking about what photo to take to put in the "About me" section. Shall I take something more serious? Well no, this is just me, sometimes you just want to glue your Pixie ears on and run through the forest, and from there comes the energy for my readings. This is who I am, so a picture of me in my natural environment it is. I spend a lot of time in nature, and something that really influences my readings is the connection with the Faery Realm, the realm of nature spirits and the earth energies. Why is this important ? Well, see, since I started to become more open about this side of me, I can work much better with my intuiton and I am much more receptive for the energies that are surrounding me. 

Since my childhood I was always fascinated by the Legends and Myths like the Tales of King Arthur, Nordic Mythology, stories about the Sidhe, Avalon and many more. Through those myths I somehow found my way to Tarot  at a very young age, but as I grew up I lost my connection to the cards. The people around me didn't share my interests of the spiritual world and I had the feeling that I should hide this side of myself, so the cards were hidden in my cupboard for a while. Of course I know now that this was not my most brilliant move, but hey, we are here to learn. Some years ago I heard them calling to me again, and so I started to study the Tarot cards and I also reached out to Oracle Cards. I took classes to get a deeper understanding and now I feel ready to go out into the world and to offer my readings to people who need some guidance and a deeper insight.