Welcome to the Guided Journeys


Here you can find a few I have created over the years for my YouTube channel. 

But I also create individual journeys in conjunction with my Energy Healing & House Healing.


I hope I can transport you into another realm with those journeys, 

some can bring you to the Otherworld, but beware, they might bring you straight into the Realms of Naviira.


If you need to wind down, just enjoy this time for yourself and send your mind on a journey.


Journey to the Otherworld 

Be brave and go onto a journey to the Otherworld



Underworld Journey 

This journey is part of the Faery Course.


Meet your Faery Guide

This journey is a part of the Faery Course as well. You can find it here.


Element Earth

This journey is part of the Faery course.

Element Fire 

Another elemental journey for the Faery course.



Element Air

The journey to experience the element of air and all its beings. Part of the Faery Course.



Element Water

The first journey for the elements in the Faery Course


Lughnasadh Journey

A journey for the Festival of Lughnasadh or Lammas.



Tarot/ Oracle Journey

A journey to enter any image that inspire you to walk a path of discovery. No matter if you use Tarot, Oracle or any other art that speaks to you


Tree Ally Journey 

A Journey to find your tree ally. Wonderful to use in conjunction with the Ogham course 



Wild Hunt Journey

This journey might be not as relaxing, but it is for those who seek truth and are ready to face their shadows. Please read the blog post which comes with it.



Faery Ally Journey

There are two journeys to meet the beings of Faery. You can use them both and see for yourself which one you enjoy more. If you want to learn more about the Fae, have a look at my free Faery Course