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Currently, I’m working on the last editing round for A World Unseen.
Afterwards I will start recording for the Audiobook, how exciting!


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Cregann is the Guardian of Jorygald. Ella is a human disrupting the world he has sworn to protect. And yet it is undeniable that the song has been sung, and fate can’t be ignored.



A force long banished from the Realm of the Fae has reemerged. The mages have united once more, and Cregann needs to find a way to save Naviira from their threats.

Together with trusted allies, he is heading to the last threshold of this world. A journey he longed for, yet the idea to take Ella with him, doesn’t sit well with Cregann, until he discovers that first impressions might not always give away the entire truth.


On the path through the lands hidden deep within, Ella discovers more about life in Naviira than just a few curious beasts.

Will the company reach the last threshold to cross the Realms? 


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Or you want to listen to an extract of Chapter 7 The Hidden Pool

The second book of the Naviira Tales Underworld Rising is progressing nicely. The first draft is ready. Now the script deserves some rest, as it has gone through an emotional  rollercoaster. It told me it would need some me-time, and I think it deserves it. But wait when those recordings are done, then I will edit the chuchvain out of it.