A World Unseen - The Naviira Tales I



Welcome to Naviira



I’m glad you found your way into the unknown Realms.
 A World Unseen will be released on February 1st. It will be available as ebook, paperback and soon also as audiobook.


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Coming out February 2nd... stay tuned 




And if book trailers aren't your cup of tea, here is the blurb for the book:


 The world of humans and the world of the Fae have been separated. The song has been sung and fate shall take its course.


Cregann, the Guardian of Jorygald has sworn to protect his Realm, but with Ella’s sudden appearance in the forest, his homeland is invaded by a force that was believed to be long gone.

Once more, Naviira, a world unseen and almost forgotten by humans, faces the threat of mages’ Order.

The Guardians of the portals must unite. As history is about to repeat itself, they must stand against the threat of the Order.

Together with trusted allies, Cregann must travel on the path through the lands hidden deep within to the last threshold of Naviira.

Even though Ella’s being struck him as foul on their first encounter, he will discover her true nature along the journey.

Secrets will be lifted and promises must be kept.


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Book two of the Naviira Tales Underworld Rising is progressing nicely. Currently I'm editing and soon the manuscript is ready to be presented to my Beta readers, which is always a nerve wrecking waiting time. After the last round of editing, the production for the audiobook will begin.

There is no fixed release date for Underworld Rising yet, but I'm aiming for May 2021.

Stay tuned.