The Naviira Tales 


 Tales Unfold, the name that carries through all my works. I have many passions in my life and the most important ones are the Unseen World and stories. No matter if fairy tales, lore and legends, short stories or epic fantasy novels. They all have something in common, the core of truth, a hidden knowledge, wisdom long forgotten. There isn’t a day where we are not confronted with the written word and they can change people’s lives, so be careful how you use them. They can cut deeper than a knife and yet also bring so much healing to the soul.

And then there is the Unseen World, the subtle realms, the world of the Fae. 

All I write in my fiction work carries a lot of truth, a lot of hidden and not so hidden knowledge of those realms. My experiences with the Fae, with my pagan path, with my work as energy healer, all those experiences bleed into my works of fiction. Sometimes I don’t even care to disguise it cleverly, and you might even find explicit instructions in my novels. Yet, sometimes I am only a writer who loves to create a world I want to live in. 




A World Unseen 

The Naviira Tales I



The world of humans and the world of the Fae have been separated. The song has been sung and fate shall take its course.


Cregann, the Guardian of Jorygald, has sworn to protect his Realm, but with Ella’s sudden appearance in the forest, his homeland is invaded by a force that was believed to be long gone. Once more, Naviira, a world unseen and almost forgotten by humans, faces the threat of mages’ Order.

The Guardians of the portals must unite. As history is about to repeat itself, they must stand against the threat of the Order.


Together with trusted allies, Cregann must travel on the path through the lands hidden deep within to the last threshold of Naviira. 


Even though Ella’s being struck him as foul on their first encounter, he will discover her true nature along the journey.

Secrets will be lifted, and promises must be kept.





Book Trailer - A World Unseen


Underworld Rising

The Naviira Tales II


One more step and the watchtower will send Cregann to a world where he has only seen battlefields and despair.

Ella and his fellow Guardians will be at his side on this journey through Terthian. But is the world of humans and its inhabitants truly as corrupt as he remembers?


After facing a devastating betrayal in their own midst, the company needs to fight against the devious plans of the mages. But not only Blake stands in their way, an even crueler force emerges from the Dark Realms. The source of the false promising light threatens the Realms of Naviira, while the dragons are retreating from the world of Fae.


Together with the Saviors, the mages are preparing for war, and all hope lies with Cregann and his fellowship to prevent history from repeating itself.


The time has come for Ella to find her courage and step into her father’s legacy. Can her light guide them to a world where Fae and humans will be united once more?



Book Trailer - Underworld Rising 



 Meet the folk of Naviira 

Portraits of the characters from Naviira & Terthian 



Just a quick drawing so you can find your way around Naviira & Terthian 

The sounds of Naviira 

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