Tarot & Oracle Readings 


 Here you can find the different Tarot readings that I offer. I don’t use card readings so much for future telling. I use them to empower the individual and to break through the fog of the mind that sometimes builds up when we are stuck in a situation. 

Some readings can be booked alone, and others I suggest strongly only to book if you are also considering a House Healing, Energy Healing, or a Guided Journey.

As much as I love the cards and the healing they can provide, some issues, like trauma, just need more guidance and more tools. We all carry trauma within us, and we need safety on our path to healing.




Faery Connection

Faery Connection 35€


A card reading that will allow you to have a deeper look into your connection with the Fae. No matter if you have worked with them already or not. If you are interested in this spread, it shows that there is already a connection there. 

In this reading, we can have a look at how to work with the Fae and how to deepen this relationship.



Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing 45€


It can feel overwhelming when we are facing the difficulties after experiencing trauma. The healing journey is not a short one and we might experience confusion on this path.

This is not a card reading that will take all your worries away, but it can be a helpful addition to other healing options and to bring you some clarity.


Be Your Wild Self

Be Wild 35€ 


This reading is for those who want to feel empowered again, and who aren't afraid to walk the path of the Wild and embrace their Wild Self. Sometimes the outside world can tame us to a degree that we might feel like our true self is fading away. 

This Spread will give you guidelines how to nurture your Wild Self again.



Past Life

Past Life 45€


Some issues seem to re-occur throughout our lifetime, and dare I say it might not even be the first time around. In this reading, I offer some insight into your past life and how you can work on the unresolved matters that you still may carry in this life.




Faery Star

Faery Star 35€


A general reading about where you are at in your life right now and how you can bring a fresh wind in. 

Sometimes we need to take a look at the bigger picture and allow ourselves to make some changes.






Magical Home

House Healing 40€


This Oracle Reading can be helpful either if you don't want to get a Full House Healing or in addition to your House Healing report. We will discover how to keep the energies clear and what your Guardian of the Home wants you to know.


Note: If booked together with a House Healing you get 25% off the regular price.



Ancestral Healing 45€


If you worked already through your own past life patterns and still feel as if there is something unresolved, it is possible that you are entangled in the patterns of your ancestors. This spread is great in combination with the Ancestral Guided Journey.


However, you can also book this spread if you simply want to connect with your ancestors and want to listen to their messages.