Faery Course 


To my dear friends of the Fae, 

This course is available to you for FREE, but free doesn't mean it is not valuable. I hope this course will bring you much joy and that you can deepen and strengthen your connection to the Faery Realm.

If you dare to wonder and are brave enough to share this adventure with me, I have no doubt you can gain something wonderful from these lessons.


This course includes written lessons, videos, many exercises for you to try out,  as well as guided meditations and visualizations.

Videos for the lessons are available on YouTube, including the guided meditations. 



Overview of the Lessons



A brief introduction on how to approach this course



Lesson 1 - Who are the Faeries and how to approach them

The definition of Faery



Lesson 2 - Working with the Elements

We will have a look at the correspondences for the elements, how the fae relate to them and I will offer you different exercises on how you can work with the elements.




Lesson 3 -  Liminal Space and Time

Description of what liminal space and time is, and how you can work within this space with the faeries.



Lesson 4 - The Genius Loci & Sacred Sites

What is the genius loci, how to connect with him and how to approach sacred sites. This lesson includes various exercises to work at sacred sites.



Lesson 5 -  Dowsing and Energy Lines

I will introduce you to the art of dowsing with exercises for you to try out. We will also discover Ley lines and how you can find them.



Lesson 6 - Sacred Space, Faery Altar and Power Place

How to create your own sacred space, how to build a Faery altar and how you can find the power place in your home. 



Lesson 7 -  Symbols 

We will have a close look at Faery symbols and how you can use them in your Faery work.




Lesson 8 - Offerings

We will have a look at what you can offer the faeries and why this is important.




Lesson 9 -  Tools and Blessings of your tools

I will show you some tools you might need in your Faery work and how you can create them.




Lesson 10 - Connecting with your Faery Guide

Find your own Faery Guide, who will explore with you the Faery realm.




Lesson 11 -  Dangers in Faery

What you need to be careful about, the do's and don'ts in Faery and how to protect yourself.



Lesson 12- The Underworld

There will be many exercises to enter the Underworld, the history of Annwn and Gwyn ap Nudd, and I will explain to you why the Underworld is so important for your Faery work.



Lesson 13 Is it all real ? When doubt creeps in

It is not always easy to understand the Faery Realm, and sometimes we may think that it is all just in our head. 




Lesson 14 - Fantasy and Faery 

How Fantasy movies and literature formed our idea of Faery and what we can take from it.



Lesson 15 - Tarot and other Divination Tools

I will share a few card spreads, that I never shared before and we will explore how we can use all kind of Divination tools to connect with the Fae. This includes Tarot, Oracle, Ogham, Runes, Scrying, Dowsing, working with a Pendulum and Charm casting.



Lesson 16 - Play in Faery Land

 This is such an important lesson. Together we will discover how much fun Faery Work can be.



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I send you much Love and many Blessings