I want to thank the people who wrote me these wonderfull feedbacks,  I am so greatfull for doing this and I really appreciate your warm and kind words. You are great!


  • Mike

I had a powerful experience with the Ancestor Healing Journey. The Reiki energies are coming through and the journey reaches deep. I appreciated the contact and that Blossom was open to answer some questions after the journey. You are not alone with Blossom as you Journey Guide.


  • Sarah 

What an experience! Blossom's House Healing was really incredible. The energy feels so refreshed now in my home and I could really feel a shift in my space and within myself. Her report is very detailed and I am astound about all her findings. She found a spirit in my home that I knew from a while ago and truly tapped into his energy. Also her work with Faery is point on. Blossom is very gentle, well structured and I felt cared for during the entire process. Thank you so much!



  • Helena 

The reading  was a great timing since I’ve been through a time with a lot of worry, insecurity and anger. 

I can sense your sweatness and honest care through the words. I love the way that you introduce your work. It provides trust in you and your work. Reading it, I could almost see you doing the reading. It’s great that your are refering to your fairy guides. It reminded me about the fact that you are guided by the devine. Your reading was spot on. The amazing thing is that going back to it I can feel the change. 

I feel much more secure and sure about the carrer change that I’m about to make. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVELY READING! It has been very valuable. 

It was spot on as well as it opened up for reflection and engagement in the meaning. 


  • Adriana 

Thank you so much Dear Blossom. I have just read it the first time and I really felt touched and tears come to my eyes. Thank you so much for this, I was really needing and I feel that you touched so many emotions and subjects that deep inside I felt and I knew, but this state of "juggling" as you out it brings so much "mess" and lack of clarity that I truly do feel like something is going to explode and at the same time gets me stuck.Thank you!



  • Marisa F.

Blossom, this was beautiful and oh! So! Accurate! Thank you! You summed up everything that's been coming up for me the past while. Not to mention, I received ur message at the perfect time. Many blessings and thank you kindly 


  • Lori S.

Thank u very much for this. I'm so grateful. Saying a prayer  for you and wishing you blessings. . Good detail, good advice. So happy you did a reading for me. You are doing great .You provided more detail pulled several cards and got fairy input too. Very good.  

Hugs. Lori.


  • Nicole U.

Blossom - HOLY WOW!!! This was beyond awesome and you are so awesome and stellar for it! I was reading it over and over today! You have a true and real gift girlfriend!!!! Rock on!!!!