Faery · 09. March 2018
A few ideas how you can work with faeries when you live in the city
Faery · 23. February 2018
The first steps you can take to enter the Faery Realm, and to deepen your connection with the Fae
Faery · 25. January 2018
Faery Meditation, a tool to connect with the Sidhe and the realm of the Fae
Faery · 29. December 2017
I share with you my own recipe for an incense that I use to invite the faeries in my home and to connect with them.
Faery · 09. January 2017
There is so much to say about Faeries, and it will take me some time to share all those informations. Many ideas come to my mind, like, who are the Sidhe, the Brownies, what is Tir Na Nog,how to work with the Fae, how to build a Faery Altar, or how to connect with the Faeries. But first things first. I think it best to start with the question who are the faeries? During the next months I will add more Blog posts here and together we can explore the realm of Faery. Who are the Faeries ? We find...