What is a House Healer?

What is a House Healer?


The answer to the question of what a House Healer is and what they do can be quite simple. A House Healer is someone who cleanses your home from stuck or darker energies, clears and brightens the house from all kinds of detrimental influences, and will also work with the energy field of the individuals.





As we House Healers work with the subtle energies, we can also work remotely. The realm of the unseen is reachable for us from anywhere in the world, so a House Healer can tune into your energy field or the energy field of your home, from a distance. It is the same for Distance Reiki, or if you get a card reading online. 

Depending on how a House Healer works, they might dowse through many aspects regarding your home and yourself. Let’s have a look at the different areas. 


Geopathic stress

The most known area is probably geopathic stress. This includes earth energy lines, Ley lines (they are not the same by the way), water veins, trapped water, earth energy spirals, to name a few. These earth related aspects can carry detrimental energy, either energy from the earth itself or the lines and the water can carry human emotions that can have an effect on us as we live and sleep above these lines. 


Electromagnetic Stress

Another factor that a House Healer will examine is electromagnetic stress. This includes all electrical items, like TV, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, electric wires, tablets and phones, microwaves and so on. Especially in our day and age, it is so important to clear these energies regularly as they are a constant in our lives. 


Geopsychic Stress or Imprints 

A House Healer will also watch out for geopsychic stress. For some, this concept might be harder to grasp, but it can influence an individual quite strongly. Geopsychic stress includes emotional energy spots, historic place memories, thought and life forms, trapped spirits, etc. 


Personal Energy Field

As a House Healer, you want to take in the full picture and therefore it is also necessary to look at your personal energy field. We dowse for disturbances in your auric field, past or current traumas, past life issues, karmic problems, and your chakras. 


Otherworldly Beings

Some of the aspects in the report also include beings like elementals, the Fae, ET influences, or the Guardians of the land. It is a very interesting section to dowse, but probably also the most “out there”.

A full report for a House Healing will have about 50 sections to get the whole picture of your own energy and that of your environment, so that all factors are included and therefore you will have a good understanding of what you are dealing with. 





Not every House Healer will work in the same manner, but generally they will go through the different sections and receive the answers that are needed in order to clear land, people, and pets.

I work with a pendulum and with Tarot / Oracle cards. Every section has several questions which are asked with a yes or no response. If anything isn’t entirely clear or I want to investigate further, I will use the cards. 

This process of dowsing for all the sections can take several days. 

Once the investigative process is done, the clearing and healing can take place. The time spent on this depends entirely on the findings. 

When all is done, I will also speak a blessing over the house. 

After a House Healing, it is also possible that you experience a Healing Crisis. This is nothing to be afraid of, and I will write about it soon.


When would you need a House Healer?




Throughout our lives, we will go through many ups and downs, and the downs can get energetically stuck within ourselves and our home. 

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you might want to consider reaching out to a House Healer.


  • Insomnia
  • The feeling of being watched
  • Things disappear in your home
  • The house feels dark or heavy
  • You experience frequent headaches
  • You feel nauseated or dizzy
  • Mental exhaustion 
  • Anxiety 


Usually this goes without saying, but just to be clear again, if you experience any of these symptoms, please check in with your medical practitioner first. 

Perhaps you have just moved into a new house and it doesn’t feel quite right. In this case, a House Healer can re- balance the energies for you and your family. 

Or maybe you experienced emotional turmoil, trauma, or are struggling with anxiety, depression, etc. This is a good time to consult a House Healer as they can help you to get the stuck energies moving again, and remove possible blockages. 

Please know that a House Healing will not make all your problems magically disappear, but it is just another step in your healing journey. 


After a House Healing, I can still offer support, either with a card reading or guided journeys tailored to your needs. 

I hope you now have a better understanding of what a House Healer is and how they work.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.


I hope your world is kind

Much Love,



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