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How to clear my space
Energy Healing · 13. October 2023
Is clearing your space and home with smudging and crystals enough? Learn about what tools you can use to raise the vibrations in your home, and when it is necessary to consult a House Healer.

What is a House Healer?
House Healing · 12. September 2023
How does a House Healer work? When you should consider getting a House Healing done? And how can it benefit you? Learn more about the different aspects a House Healer analyses and how a House Healer can clear negative energy.

Healing Crisis
Energy Healing · 17. July 2023
Learn more about the Healing Crisis. Sometimes after an energy healing we can experience symptoms of tiredness, heightened emotions or just feeling spacey. Read more about why this happens and how to deal with a Healing Crisis.

What is Energy Healing?
Energy Healing · 07. July 2023
What is energy healing, when should you consider receiving a healing session and how will it be send to you? Find out more about Energy Healings, Reiki, and House Clearings

Trapped Faeries in your home
Faery · 22. June 2023
What happens if fairies get trapped in your home? By either intentionally inviting them in, or them just entering your home, they can get trapped and cause mischief in your home.