Geopsychic Stress-Energtic Imprints


In my work as a House Healer, I will investigate different aspects that may influence you and/ or your family detrimentally. In my report, you can find a section with energetic imprints. These are energy patterns that have remained in the ether for decades, centuries, or even longer. Others may have been created recently by yourself. So let’s have a look at the different sections.



  • Harmful Magic or Curses

Curses cannot only impact your personal energy field, but also the land. If you haven’t personally angered someone who practices the craft, you are probably not cursed yourself. I’m not saying no one can ever be under the influence of a curse, but it probably is rarer than many want to let you believe. To keep a curse working, it needs to be fed regularly, and that takes energy and effort of the one cursing you. I will address curses on your person in a later article in more detail. 

However, the land can still carry the energetic imprints of past curses. It might not be active as such anymore, but the residue of it may still impact either the land itself, or you are just picking up the nasty vibes from it, because you are sensitive to it. In my own work so far, I haven’t come across many cursed lands, but it has showed up. This can often include farm land where once jealousy or rivalry took place. Imprints can also be left by practices of harmful magic. And by harmful I do not mean black magic. Even though it is quite possible that once the darker strains of magic have been practiced on your ground, either far in the past, or by previous occupants, it isn’t always that simple with magical craft. I’ll give you an example. Let’s assume a former occupant practiced witchcraft. This person might have used strong protection spells to shield the home and the self from any kind of negative influence that was coming their way. Now, even though it was protection magic, perhaps it is now blocking something that would actually be beneficial for you. The grounds may still carry that vibration and you, as a sensitive being, are picking that up. The magical act in itself had no ill intention, yet it may be a disturbance in your energy field. That’s why I use the term harmful magic. It is not a judgment on the intention of the act itself, just how you react to it. Even the most well intended spell, if worded for personal gain, can still cause a detrimental or harmful effect on someone else. So you see, it is not just black and white here. But remember, this can be cleared, either by yourself or a professional House Healer.


  • Consecrated Ground 

This section is pretty self explanatory. Once the ground, the land that now your home is standing on was sacred, held holy by either the church, or even was declared sacred by older practices. Perhaps you are residing in a place where once sacred pagan rituals took place. If the space was never properly de-consecrated and it is still wide open, some people are able to pick up on that even if it’s hundreds, or thousands of years old. The vibration in such a space is quite high and can cause a detrimental effect on us if we live, sleep, and work constantly in such a space. 



  • Spirit Lines 

Spirit Lines are an interesting topic and quite complex if you really want to dive in. For the sake of this article, I have to simplify this and try to explain some basics. These lines are used by the departed ones to travel along them. Why do spirits need pathways, you might ask? Well, that is where it can become quite complex. There are a few specific lines that could be brought into connection with Spirit Lines, like the corpse roads, for example. These are roads that often went to or from a church to reach the cemeteries. Coffins were carried by people or pulled in a cart, often over long distances. Therefore, they also needed resting points and prayers or hymns were sung over the departed. So you can say that spirits are drawn to those pathways, as that energy resonates with their own. In Germany, there was a belief in virtual paths called “Geisterwege”, ghost or spirits paths. Even though they were thought of as invisible, they linked to actual physical cemeteries. It was said that those paths always run in a straight line over mountains and valleys and through marshes. They could also run close by houses or even straight through them. “Geisterwege” always started and ended in a cemetery. It was believed that these roads had the same characteristics as a cemetery and, therefore, a road where spirits of the deceased could thrive. 

Since ancient times, there has also always been a connection between the dead and the faeries. So Spirit Lines and Faery Paths could also have similarities. Yet, Faery Paths are not originating from cemeteries, therefore I still make a difference between them. We will explore this in a later article. 

What is important for us to know is that if a Spirit Line runs through your home, and the earthbound souls feel disturbed by it, there could be some poltergeist activity in your home, or perhaps you perceive an unusual smell. These lines are not always detrimental, but they can be, as all other aspects as well. It always depends if the energies clash with yours or not. 

You might also feel drained, or observed in your home. To divert a Spirit Line I would recommend to contact someone who has already more experience with this, as sage, crystals, etc. will not be enough for this particular issue. 

If you want to learn more about Spirit Lines, and the history of it, I can recommend the book “Spirit Roads” by Paul Devereux. 


  • Emotional Energy spots

Emotional Energy spots are energetic imprints left by human beings. Whenever you are experiencing powerful emotions, they basically pour out of you and into the energetic field that is all around us. This can be all kinds of emotions, also excitement, joy, bliss. They, however, seem to be much lighter and float away. Emotions like anger, guilt, sadness and so on tend to be quite heavy and stick to the energetic energy field. As a house healer, we look at the detrimental aspects, so I’ll focus on the heavy stuff here. After every argument, you probably have created an emotional energy spot. Let’s assume you had a fight with your spouse in the kitchen. It got ugly and all of these heavy emotions have now dribbled out of you and into the energy field in the middle of the kitchen. The next day you have calmed down, talk quietly to your spouse and things are better again. But as you enter the kitchen, you might still be able to pick up on the energy from the previous day, and you get tense. Perhaps you are not even aware of it. But somehow you are short again with your spouse and another argument arises. The first energy spot will either grow in strength or another one will be created. This can go on for a long time, if it is never cleared. It is also possible that while you worry intently about a matter, possibly always when you sit at your desk, or your favorite armchair, that this creates an emotional energy spot. Because of this, you will worry more, and therefore they will keep growing. You can see the dilemma here. The key is just to become aware of these things. When you are aware, you can do something against it. Clear the air after arguments, worries, grievances and so on. Personally, I believe that emotional energy spots are quite easy to clear, and if you haven’t already, you can read my article about clearing your home here. Those methods work quite well for these issues. 


  • Historical Place Memory

Historical Place Memory is a fascinating section to investigate, or at least for me. I won’t find something every time I dowse a floor plan, but if I do, I am always eager to learn more. The history of the land carries so much information, so many emotions, and every event is stored within. Unfortunately, the bad things that happened don’t just quietly go away, and so some of us are affected by the history of a place. This can be a battle from a long, long time ago, or a great injustice taking a hold on the land. Perhaps persecution had taken place, and now you can still feel the effects of it. But also accidents, violence or sacrifice can still echo through space and time. To dowse the history of a place can take a while, but you can learn quite a bit about those who walked these lands before you. You can try to dowse for specific dates and research later what you figured out. 


  • Inter-dimensional Place Memory

Like the Historical Place Memory, those are echoes from past events, but not necessarily from this dimension. We live in a multiverse and sometimes there are cross overs. So perhaps you can sense or are affected by a big event that took place in the same place, yet in another dimension. It may not be even in the past at all, and is happening right now in another dimension.



  • Portals

Portals can seem a bit out there for some people, like a concept from straight out of a science fiction book, but hey, we are also dealing with trapped spirits, faeries, and Ley Lines, so when you read this, I assume you are pretty open-minded about the unseen things happening all around us. 

We open and create portals more often than many are aware of. If you work with energy in any way, either by creating a spell, performing Reiki, or even by doing a Tarot reading, you are always opening a doorway between the worlds. It is important to be aware of this and always close the portal behind you after you finished your work. Portals can also be opened unintentionally by spiraling down into detrimental thought patterns. Perhaps you are struggling with depression and this could also open a doorway. Computer games, movies, or the well-known Ouija board are also known to open portals. None of these things are bad, or evil. We just need to be more mindful of how we interact with these things. If you find any portals in your home, please ensure to send all beings back to their dimension before you close the portal and clear away any residue they may have been left. 

So you see, the energetic imprints in our home can be quite fascinating and it opens doors to a new understanding how all things interact with each other. 


If you have any questions, or want to share your own experiences with Geopsychic stress, please feel free to contact me



I hope your world is kind


Much Love 



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