Reiki for Animals


Many of us have pets at home or are taking care otherwise of an animal. They are our family members and, of course, we want to include them in our healing journey and even want to offer them some healing. 

There might be a specific reason for it, as your furry friend might be ill and you want to offer some additional healing next to the conservative methods, or perhaps you adopted a dog from a rescue center and want to help with their transition into their new life, or you simply want to give them something back. It is also possible that you are an energy healer and want to expand your services to our furry companions. And that is wonderful.



If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can still perform an energy healing session on them.

In this article, I will use the term Reiki, but you can replace this with your preferred method of energy healing. 

You can perform an in person session or a distance treatment. Both work equally well. You just have to figure out what works best for you. When you want to offer healing to your own pet, then the in person session is probably what you will choose. So let’s have a look at how you can perform a healing session with them.


In Person Session


  • Understand their body language

If it is your own pet, you probably understand their body language well. You will know when they get uncomfortable, when they want to be left alone, and when they appreciate something. However, it is always good to freshen up your knowledge about general animal behavior, especially if you are not only treating your own animals. Understand the basic behavior of cat, dog, horse, and whoever else you want to treat. Observe these animals in your everyday life, understand their reactions, and look out for signs of stress or unease. 


  • Introduction 

Before you begin with a session, introduce yourself mentally first, if you are not familiar with the pet yet. Tell them your name and what you intend to do. If it is your own pet, you only need to tell them that you want to share some healing energy with them and ask them mentally if they are up for this experience. 

Fill yourself up with pure love, compassion, and gratitude. Gratitude for the given opportunity to help this sweet soul. The more you fill yourself up with this, the more it will shine out of your energy field or your aura. 

If you are a bit nervous, the animal will pick up on it and may refuse a treatment from you. Don’t take it personal, you can always try it at a later point. Some animals just don’t want it in general and you should respect that, or they are simply not in the mood that day. Don’t give up. Just remember that this is not to prove anything to yourself. Keep filling yourself up with love and gratitude and you will get there eventually.



  • Leading the session

When the animal agrees to the healing session, connect to source, to Reiki, or whatever your chosen method is. As I do Reiki on them, I will first connect to the Reiki source and keep my hands in Gasho position to speak a little prayer. I ask my guides to assist me in this healing before I will draw the symbols on my third eye chakra, and on both my palms. After that, I will let my own dogs come to me if they aren’t already with me. Nova is very curious about Reiki and will always sniff my hands intensely and even start licking them before I begin. Gwyn shows me straight away his belly. He doesn’t need much ritual around it and is more to the point. Usually, I will sit with them on the floor, so we all have room to get comfortable…well, they get comfortable and I try not to throw my back out.

What is important from here on is that you need to let them lead the session. Don’t follow a rigid structure by insisting on moving from one chakra to the next. If the animal is comfortable around you, they will show you where you should put your hands, and where they don’t appreciate it. Observe them closely while you offer Reiki. Are they relaxed? Is their breathing deep and steady? Do they show any sign of discomfort? Your own pet is more willing to endure discomfort for you, so be mindful. An animal you are not familiar with will show it to you more clearly if they don’t like something you do. That also means that you shouldn’t close your eyes. For the most part, when I do energy work, I work with my eyes closed, but with animals I have to remind myself to be very observant. For some of you, that might need some practice. 

My dog Nova is quite direct by pawing me and almost grabs my hand to tell me where I should put it. 

A session can last only a couple of minutes or half an hour. Again, let your pet lead the way. They know when it is enough for them. 

After finishing a session, I will still clear their aura and put them in a protective bubble so the healing energy can keep working and unfold. I end then by thanking the Reiki energies and my guides that assisted me in this healing. Then observe the animal. Do they go straight for a drink? Are they tired, or do they want to go out for a walk? Allow them to behave the way it is natural for them and maybe take some notes about what images or impressions you received during the healing. 





The process for a distance healing will be somewhat similar to an in person healing. You still want to connect with them and introduce yourself. You can speak out loud or in your mind. Tell them who you are and what your intention is. Fill yourself up with love, compassion, and gratitude, as these emotions can be felt from everywhere in the world. 

In my Distance Reiki session, I begin in the same manner; I will connect to source and ask for Reiki to flow. I then ask my guides again for assistance and say a little prayer in Gasho position. I charge myself with Reiki and will then use a proxy (always a stuffed animal; they are so cuddly) to perform the distance healing. With the proxy in place, I will begin to build up a chi ball and use the distance symbol to strengthen the connection. All the healing energy will now flow into the chi ball. What symbols I use, or if I include any other techniques, like sound patterns, plant spirit patterns, or crystals, depends on what my intuition tells me for this particular healing session. Be mindful of the impressions you receive. Charging a chi ball varies also in length, but I often spend 20 to 30 minutes on it.


The session ends again with an aura cleanse, and a protection bubble. 

I will then send the information out to the client and they can open the chi ball when their pet is relaxed.

The distance treatment can be quite beneficial for animals that are more fearful or nervous around strangers. It is also nice for them when they receive a healing in the comfort of their own home and don’t have to drive somewhere that is unfamiliar to them. 

It can also be better for yourself if you have to drive for an hour to an animal’s home only to realize they are not up for it today. 



I also think it is a great opportunity to offer Reiki this way to animals in a rescue center. There is not always time for you to get in and perform Reiki on the animals, and many of them are in a high stress state. So being able to treat them from a distance can be quite a blessing to them. Remember, if you treat animals in a rescue center, it is not about you and the opportunity to cuddle as many cats and dogs as possible. It is really about helping them and offer them some comfort in this difficult time in their life. 

Also remember, please, you’re not giving Reiki. You are offering it and they can decide if they want to take it.


If you have any questions or , please leave a comment., and if you want to know more about how you can perform energy healing without being attuned to Reiki, please let me know and I can write another article specifically on that topic. 


I hope your world is kind 


Much Love and bye



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