Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Hi lovelies, 

Another festival is right around the corner, the Summer Solstice.

A time to spend outside, celebrate with friends, have a feast, light a bonfire and enjoy the longest day of the year.

I'm just back from my holidays, so I didn't have much time yet to prepare a lot for this festival, however I will have a feast, get up early to watch the sunrise, do some drumming at my small bonfire and celebrate this day with my garden fairies ;o)

But I also created a Tarot Spread, as there are some changes in my life right now, and as always I want to share this spread with you.

Here is the video, if you are interested otherwise you can just keep reading.

Here are the positions :

1. What is growing fast in my life at this time ?

2. Where do I need to focus my creative energy ?

3. The best way to recover and regain energy ?

4. How can I use the power of the sun ?

5. Where do I need to start fresh ?

6. What shouldn't I take with me in the second half of the year ?

7. What achievements can I be proud of and celebrate ?


For this reading I use the Chrysalis Tarot, that I just purchased in my vacation, so this deck is brand new to me, and it is different from your traditional RWS Tarot system.

1. Eight of Stones

This card indicates that change is coming, and that I'm looking forward to a successful time. New ideas will manifest. In this card we can also see Stonehenge, the guidebook suggests that this reminds us that the boundaries that we set on ourselves are only illusions and we are encouraged to let our imagination take over to discover the deeper mysteries. It also reminds us of the importance  to stay grounded during this time of change, so when so many things are moving and the wheels are turning, you must find a anchor point in your life, something you can rely on and find a safe place.


2. Ten of Stones

This is a really interesting card to get, I mentioned this already in a previous video, at this point I have many, many ideas for new creative projects, including videos, photography, painting, creating a Tarot and a Oracle deck, and also working on a new course on Faery, that I will offer at some point on this homepage. Most of these projects require either an intellectual approach, or a very technical approach, but this card reminds me that I need to balance the material world with the spiritual world, and not to get lost in only the technicalities.

It also indicates that I hold on to too many things at the same time, and I need to prioritize, and focus on one task at the time, instead of meddling everything together. 


3. Golden Flower ( XIV Temerance)

The best ways to regain my energy, is to bring in more harmony into my life. Again we see in the card that more balance is needed. At this time it is important for me to take more time to meditate and contemplate. I need to allow myself to become still for a while in order to recover.

For me this doesn't mean to become inactive, but to learn when it's right to be active and when to be passive, and not to work non stop. 


4. Five of Stones

I had some strong realizations during some of the Underworld journeys I did in my vacation, and this card reminds me of a particular  moment while I was sitting in the Stone circle of Boscawen Un. 

I'm struggling with strong feelings of feeling worthless, and never being good enough. 

However in this circle I've made contact with a certain being, and this being shed some light on certain issues, I will not go into detail here, as those things are really personal, but I am definitely  reminded to bring the energy and the strength of the sun, right back to this moment, whenever I feel isolated again.


5. Three of Spirals

Again this card is a reminder to slow things down a little bit. At the beginning of this year this was my main goal, to go easy, not to stress myself, but I'm so full of ideas that I really just want to work on them and bring them to life. Even if I enjoy the work, still it often leaves me exhausted and I do too many things at the same time. So even if I want to express myself through my creative work, I need to go back to card two and three, slow things down, distance myself from time to time, to see the things from a different perspective, and maybe even ask for help from time to time as I can't do everything by myself, and reminding myself that it is okay to ask for help. 


6. Eight of Scrolls

This card is very clear in its message, I need to leave behind the  constant worrying, and getting caught up in my own  thoughts, and start to trust my intuition and follow my heart instead.


7. Ravens

I did cut through many illusions, many things became clearer to me, and I found a way to be much more aware and mindful of the mysteries that are surrounding me. I feel like I discovered some essential truths on my path. Even if there are some bumps on the road right now, I still think that I am on the exact right path, I only have to follow my own advice at this time. I also have to keep in mind that renewal happens from the inside and only then will it manifest on the outside, so I can celebrate already the small changes I achieved on my journey. In this deck the Magician card is also associated with Trickster energy, which is an energy I work quite closely with at this time, and I'm also reminded of another being that I've made contact with, during one of my Underworld journeys, so this could also indicate to strengthen this connection. 



I hope that you like this spread

Have a wonderful Summer, or Winter solstice

Much Love and many Blessings 


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