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Tarot Spreads · 13. December 2018
Yule Tarot Spread - A twelfth night Tarot Reading

Tarot Spreads · 19. June 2018
My Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Tarot Spreads · 10. May 2018
Wild Path Tarot Spread, a spread to guide your Wild Self on your journey into the Unknown.

Tarot Spreads · 25. April 2018
A Tarot Spread for Beltane

Tarot Spreads · 09. December 2017
As a thank you for the last year on YouTube I've created a Tarot Spread and a guided Journey, both are related to the Wild Hunt.

Tarot Spreads · 08. November 2017
We are now approaching the end of the year, and as many in the Tarot community, I will be doing my year ahead reading very soon. Mostly we see people pull a card for every month and then maybe a thirteenth card to get a feeling of the overall energy of the year. I do it a bit differently; as everyone who follows me probably knows, I live by the wheel of the year, the eight earth festivals. I've followed this path since I was a child and I just don't divide my year into twelve months, so it...

Tarot Spreads · 17. February 2017
Hi my lovelies, Two days ago, we had such a beautiful sunny day here in Germany, so I was more than happy to grab my cards and I did a reading outside at a beautiful place with a standing stone. When I find a place where I feel strong energies I am always intrigued to find out more about this place. There are two different tools I use to examine the place, first I will use my dowsing rods or pendulum. There I can find out if leylines are around and if the energies are overall positive or...