Ogham Introduction

I have started my journey with the Ogham a few months ago. It has lead me to a deeper connection with the trees and their spirits. 

First of all what is Ogham ?

Well the Ogham is know to be the Celtic Tree alphabet, but you can also use the sigils and the trees  for magical purposes and you can create you own Ogham staves for divination.

The Ogham has twenty letters, also called the Feda,  that are associated with a tree or plant, later on, five more letters were added to the system, which is know as the Forfeda.

The letters are divided into four groups, the aicme (tribe, family) of five letters each. 

When you start to research about the Ogham you will come across a few difficulties, for example it is not always really clear which trees or plants are meant. 

However I won't go into the history of Ogham, there are great books and also some online resources where you can do your own research, if you choose to do so.

My priorities for the blog posts here, and also for my videos, will be the magical use of the Ogham and also how to use it as a divination system. 

Over the next months, I want to discover with you each tree, I want to write, and talk, about the Celtic lore, the magical uses of the trees, how you can work with its essence and of course also about the divination system. 


Above you can find an introduction video, where I also explain how you can make your own staves and how you can make contact with the trees.


Here is a very brief introduction of the Feda, but of course there will be much more information provided when I talk about each tree. 

I will add the Forfeda at a later point. 


Beith - Birch : 24th December - 20th January 

Letter B

Class : Peasant 

Purification, New Beginnings, Bringer of Hope, Channeler of Emotion,Protection.    


Rowan - Luis: 21st January- 17th February 

Letter L 

Class: Peasant

Healing, Success and Power, Protection against control by others, and Psychic Intuition.


Alder- Fearn: 18th March- 14th April

Letter F

Class: Chieftain 

Protection, giver of courage, easer of fear and doubt, Help in making choices


Willow-Saille: 15th April - 12th May 

Letter S

Class : Peasant

Healing, Helper in grief and death, inspiration, fertility, protection, love


Ash - Nuin: 18th February - 17th March

Letter N

Class: Chieftain 

Protection, Health, Courage, Matters of the sea 


Hawthorn - Huathe:  13th May - 9th June 

Letter H 

Class: Peasant

Fertility, Protection, Caution, Relaxation, Happiness, Chastity 


Oak- Duir:  10th June - 7th July 

Letter D

Class : Chieftain

Protection, Health, Inner Strength, Luck, Money, Healing, Potency 


Holly - Tinne: 8th July - 4th August

Letter T

Class: Peasant 

Protection, Luck, Psychic enhancement


Hazel- Coll : 5th August- 1st September

Letter C 

Class : Chieftain

Granting Wisdom and Inspiration, Wishes, Luck, Protection, Fertility, Divination of hidden things


Apple - Quert: Samhain, Ruler of the light side of the year ( 2nd May - 31st October)

Letter Q

Class: Shrub

Healing, Protection, rejuvenation, Love, Immortality 


Blackberry, Bramble or Vine- Muin: 2nd September - 29th September 

Letter M

Class: Chieftain

Healing, Protection, Abundance, Wealth 


Ivy - Gort: 30th September - 27th October 

Letter G

Class: Chieftain

Friendship, Healing Protection, Steadfastness


Broom, Reed, Fern - Ngetal: 28th October- 24th November 

Letter Ng

Class: Shrub

Protection, Fertility, Responsibility 


Blackthorn - Straif: Samhain, Ruler of the dark half of the year ( 31st October - 1st May)

Letter St

Class : Chieftain

Banishing negativity, Protection, Purification, overcoming adversity, raising awareness and energy


Elder- Ruis: 25th November - 22nd December 

Letter R

Class : Shrub

Protection, Healing, Wisdom, Prosperity, Blessings, Sleep


Scots Pine, Silver Fir - Ailm : Yule 21st December- 22nd December 

Letter A

Class: Shrub

Healing, Protection, pointing the way, fertility, purification


Gorse - Onn: around 21st March, Spring Equinox 

Letter O 

Class: Chieftain

Life force, creativity, vitality, protection, boundaries


Heather- Ur: Summer Solstice

Letter U 

Class: Peasant

Sexuality, wipes away the past, fertility, natural rhythm 


Aspen, Poplar- Eadha: Autumn Equinox

Letter E

Class: Shrub 

Shielding from fears, protection from theft, communication with the divine, endurance, wealth and prosperity


Yew- Ioho : Yule 21st December

Letter I 

Class: Chieftain 

Protection from negative spirits, Longevity, Wisdom, reincarnation, work with ancestors



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