Glastonbury Tor Summer Solstice

Hi lovelies, 

This year I was at Glastonbury to celebrate the Summer Solstice, or Litha. 

On Solstice eve, we went up the Tor to join the celebrations.

I had a great time, this evening. In Glastonbury everything is very casual, and it is definitely not crowded, which is a big plus for me. Last year I went to Avebury, and it didn't feel right to be there. There were tons of people, mostly party folk, loud techno and house music from everywhere and it wasn't great at all.

So I was really happy to be at the Tor at that night, the people were all open, warm and friendly. 

They didn't get tired of drumming, and everybody around was celebrating and dancing.

Even somebody was running around all the time to pick up the trash, but I have to say, most people took care of it themselves, not to leave any garbage behind.

We went up for sunset, and as soon the light became dimmer, the drums became louder and faster. 

It is the first time since a long time that I can say, that I actually could feel how humans were able to raise the energy of a place.

As you see above I also made a video, but after some time, I didn't want to film anymore, I just wanted to dance around and I just wanted to enjoy to simply be. Letting myself feel the rhythm of the drums and to fully absorb the energy that was surrounding me.

Even after we left the Tor, we could here the drumming and the celebrations on our way down.

So if you ever consider to visit this place, I can highly recommend it.

I hope you had a great Summer Solstice as well, feel free to comment and let me know.

Much Love and Blessings 

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