What will the future bring?

Hi lovely souls,

It’s been a very long time since last I’ve updated my blog.
The last year and a half have been truly a very intense ride, so much has changed in my personal life, but also in my professional life. And even though I can say I’m glad where I am now, I could not recommend it. As always, if a drastic change occurs, there is little gentleness to it. The circumstances were harsh, at times devastating and mind blowing, a true Tower, 3 of swords, 10 of swords mixed with a 5 of cups and let’s also through in the Death card. Yes, that sums it up. However, I crawled into my cave, licked my wounds, and now I miss the warm touch of the sun on my skin. 
So, let me get back and let us see where it all leads.

Over the last year I reached my Master Level in Usui Reiki and in Kundalini Reiki. It has been a wonderful experience and gave me an opportunity to learn so much more and open up to something I wasn’t quite ready before. 
Soon I will offer distance healing sessions, and the first ones are free of charge, so stay tuned for that.
At the end of last year I also enrolled in a House Healing course by Tim Walter. After receiving a house healing myself, I was left in awe of this process and how much the energy shifted, I truly wanted to learn more. 
If you know my YouTube channel, you might be already aware that I always had an interest in dowsing, Ley lines, and earth energy, but now the time has come to deepen this connection and also my understanding of these subtle energies that are just below our feet, and all around us.

As time passes by, I will let you know more about it.

I hope your world is kind 

Much Love