Has it been that long

Hi lovelies,

I know, I know, it's been forever since I last wrote a blog entry on this homepage. Half a year to be precise. Shame on me.

However, that was also the time I began my writing process. Half a year ago I started to outline my book, explored the characters, did my word building and in March I began to write my story that has been in my head for such a long time already. I finished the first part of my story, the first book is patiently waiting to go out into the world. But it has to wait, as there is still a lot of editing to do. And finding trustworthy Beta readers. 

Now I'm back at the beginning for my second book; I'm outlining, developing characters, world building...

By now I don't know why I'm outlining, most of my original outline was tossed aside, turns out I'm a discovery writer, and not only that, but my character have also a life of their own, they do whatever they want...

This process has been so insightful, so inspirational and it was incredible hard work, but I loved every minute of it.

This is also why I took a longer break from doing Tarot readings. I worked on my book every day, for as many hours I could muster, there was simply very little time in my day for readings. 

As I'm now "only" at the beginning of my second book I will do readings again. This can change however, and at some point I will be on a break again. I'm seriously glad I never pursuit Tarot as a business.

The reason I could spent so much time on writing was the pandemic. Of course I know how many tragedies came with it, and my heart goes out to those who suffered any kind of loss during this challenging time. In our region however, there wasn't a big outbreak, and so the lockdown gave me the opportunity to focus on one thing only, dive into my own fantasy world and write down a story that wants to be told.

I hope next year you can all read my books, I want to talk to someone about it 😄💕

Sending much Love and many Blessings 🌸💚