Magical Yuletide Tarot Spread

Hi lovelies, 

today I want to share a new Tarot Spread with you:

The Magical Yuletide Tarot Spread 

You can use this spread for the Winter Solstice but also for the Summer Solstice if you like.

If you don't want to do this reading for yourself you can find this reading also here.



Here are the positions :

1. My current state of being. From where do I start into the new year/the new season?

2. Dreams I need to explore deeper next year/season?

3. What do I need to prioritize on my spiritual path?

4. How can I strengthen my connection to the Otherworld?

5. What magic is unfolding in my life?

6. Where to focus my energy for the coming year/season?

7. What brings me light and warmth during the cold season?/ How can I honor the fading light?

8. A message from the Otherworld



I wish you all a wonderful and stress free Yuletide.

Much Love and many Blessings 

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