Yule Tarot Spread


Hi lovelies, 

I want to share a Tarot spread with you for the coming Yuletide. 

I really enjoy this time of the year, when everything slows down for a while, but at the same time we also prepare for new projects. An energy of renewal and hope for better times surrounds us.

The twelfth night are a time of quiet contemplation, of stillness, but also about coming together with loved ones and the celebration of the light reborn. 

There are different traditions when the twelfth night begins, for some it starts with the Winter Solstice, this year the 21st December, other traditions start at the 24th or even the 25th. 

I start for the Winter Solstice. During these twelve days I will take some time off, focus on Spirit and Oracle work and I will prepare peacefully for the coming year.


Let's take a look at the layout 




- Current energy 

For the first card I use an Ogham stave, to check into the current energy. Of course you can use a Tarot card or an Oracle card, this is up to you. The card in this position will give us an overview of ourselves during this time, how we feel, and where we are at. 



It is a tradition to write down thirteen wishes before the twelfth night, and then to draw each day a wish randomly and burn the paper during the twelve days. The last wish, is for you to fulfill yourself. You will not know which wish you will get at the end, so writing down things like, I win the lottery, are probably not the best idea. If you write down I'm healthy and my body is in its best condition you can actively work towards it, by making better diet choices, start exercising, and reduce stress for example.

This card will tell you how you can best fulfill your wish. 


- Reflection

The end of the year is a typical time where we look back at the past months and reflect upon the challenges you've met but also on the blessings you've received.

This position tells you about the lessons you've learned.

If you like you can use two cards for this position, one for the challenges and one for the blessings. 


- Healing 

The time of the twelfth night is  a time to heal, to look after our body, mind and spirit. In what area do I need to slow down and what needs healing in order to move on?


-Rebirth: Coming back to life

In the pagan community Samhain is often related to this energy. For me personally Samhain is a time of endings, and I let this energy settle for a while before I take a step further towards a new beginning. The Winter Solstice brings this energy of rebirth, the bursting of the solar energy that is coming back to life. This card can help you find ways to activate your life force.


- Vision

Yuletide is a wonderful time to think about your future projects, maybe you want to learn something new, or you have another New Year resolution. This card will guide you to find the best way how you can bring your vision to life. 


- Behind closed doors

During the twelfth night it is suggested to close your doors and to stay inside, while the Wild Hunt is out there. This card will show you in which area you need to set up healthy boundaries and it also helps you to understand what you need to keep to yourself. 


- Yuletide Blessings

By now you may know already that I like to close my seasonal readings with a Blessing card. I used an Ogham stave for this as well, but again you can use a Tarot card as well.



I hope this spread his helpful.

I wish you a wonderful and hopefully peaceful time.

Don't let yourself be stressed out.

Much Love and Yuletide Blessings

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