Trapped Faeries in your home


Faeries trapped in your home

If you are familiar with my work, you know about my love for the Faeries. However, they can also cause trouble sometimes. So let’s dive in a little deeper.

The past years, I’ve often come across cute ideas for Faery houses, little Faery doors, or even small Faery gardens, and these are often found inside the house. So many invite the Faeries into their home. And even though it sounds like a lovely idea, it can also cause disruption in your home. 





When we are talking about nature spirits, elementals like the sylphs, the salamanders, the undines, and the gnomes, they do not belong into our houses and if they get trapped inside, they can get disgruntled and/or cause mischief.

If you invited them in, even if with loving intention, perhaps created a house for them or an indoor garden, and they can’t find their way out anymore, you might experience quite peculiar phenomena in your house.

Something that happens quite often regarding the Faery beings dwelling in the house is, they will make things disappear. This can range from jewelry to keys and books getting lost, or sentimental objects get misplaced.

Other strange happenings could be that you experience problems with the pipes, heating issues, the house might feel stuffy or wooden window frames can often get stuck. This can, of course, all stem from very earthly and practical matters, so always rule this out first, but if you cannot find a rational explanation, then you might want to consider you are in fact dealing with a trapped nature spirit in your house.





Yet, it is also important to mention there are, in fact, other Faery beings that enjoy being a part of your home. We can see the evidence in folklore, and also some of you might have experienced this yourself. Some Faeries take on a Guardian form and care for the house and its inhabitants. They are part of everyday life and you can talk to them if you wish to do so.

In German folklore, we can encounter the “Heinzelmännchen”. It is said that they take over the chores during the night, but if you observe them, they will disappear forever.

These types of Faery can also be found in English or Scottish folklore and are called Brownies.

If these Faeries are living with you, make sure to leave offerings for them.

Nature spirits, or elementals, differ from them. They need to reside outside and take care of the flora and fauna. They are part of the land and don’t do well being separated from their natural environment.





What to do if one of those wonderful beings might be trapped in your house?


First, try to talk to them, explain why they shouldn’t linger in your home, and try to guide them out. In some cases, this might do the trick. If the problem still remains, you can try to find their location via dowsing by asking your rods or pendulum questions.

On what floor are they trapped? Are they in the living room? The bedroom? Near the boiler? You get my drift. 

Then you can try to guide them out by explaining where they can exit into the garden.

Sometimes it can be tricky, though, and if they are still in your home and cause mischief, you would do good to contact an energy healer, or a house healer to support you.

A house healer works energetically with these beings and can also work remotely, so they don’t have to come into your home to resolve the issue.


Let me know if you have any further questions.

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I hope your world is kind


Much Love





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