Connect with the Spirit of the Place & other magical beings.

Hi my lovelies, 

Two days ago, we had such a beautiful sunny day here in Germany, so I was more than happy to grab my cards and I did a reading outside at a beautiful place with a standing stone. 

When I find a place where I feel strong energies I am always intrigued to find out more about this place. There are two different tools I use to examine the place, first I will use my dowsing rods or pendulum. There I can find out if leylines are around and if the energies are overall positive or negative ( don't think about it as good or bad). 

The second tool are my cards, Tarot and Oracle Cards give us the opportunity to find out more about the story of the place. For this reading I use an Interview with the Spirit of the Place Spread. This Spread can tell us more about the nature of the Spirit of the Place, where he is coming from and where we could help the Spirit of the place. 

While I was there I also did a second reading about the other magical beings who lives in that area. The Interview with the beings of the place Spread, gives us an idea how they work together with the main Spirit of the Place, also how we can help them and how we can connect with them.

Here are the spreads for you, so you can try this on your own:


Spirit of the Place Interview


Card 1 : Your essence 

Card 2 : How do you help the place on the physical realm ?

Card 3 : How do you help the place on the spiritual realm ?

Card 4 : Tell me something about your past 

Card 5 : How can I help this place ?

Card 6 : What else do you want me to know ?


Beings of the Place Interview


Card 1 & 2 : Who are the beings that live here ?

Card 3 :       What are your tasks ?

Card 4 :       How can I help you ?

Card 5 :       How can I connect with you ?

Card 6 :       What else do you want me to know ?


For my readings I used the Arthurian Tarot by John & Caitlin Matthews  and the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud.

I also did a  Video for this reading, in order to keep it short I did a basic interpretation of the cards, but of course I encourage you to let you mind wander and to use your imagination. 

I hope that you have fun with those readings and that you find out more about your special place.


Love and Blessings 


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