Psychic Protection - How to & Why


What is psychic protection, and how can you incorporate it into your daily life? Many use the technique of surrounding oneself with white light to protect oneself, but today we will also explore some other options.

Many who work with the subtle realms, either by connecting with earth energies, communicating with spirits of all shapes and sizes, clearing spaces, or practice any form of divination are aware of what psychic protection is and are using a form of this already.


Yet, I am still often asked how they can protect themselves and sometimes the different aspects of psychic protection are unclear. Some people are unsure of how often they have to do it, how long a protective shield stays up, and if you need to remind yourself of this shield constantly during the day.

I already wrote an article about how you can clear your home and I included some practices of protection as well.

You can find the blog entry here 

In this article, I will use only techniques of the mind. These techniques focus on visualization and intent. No tools, herbs, stones, or other items are needed for this form of protection.


Clear your energy first


Prior to setting the intention to shield yourself with a protective bubble, please remember the importance of clearing yourself first. Otherwise, all the yuck, speak detrimental attachments, thought forms, situations, cords etc., will stay with you in this bubble that you are now stuck in.

To clear yourself, you can use different visualizations. In the book Heal your Home, or Heal your Home 2 by Adrian Incledon Webber, you can find an exercise which suggests imagining and/or ask for an ultra-fine mesh net of light and love being pulled through your energetic and physical body to remove all detrimental energy patterns. You then ask for everything that has been removed to be taken to the light and disposed of appropriately. This is one option you can use as a visualization. Another technique that I like to use is to imagine myself standing under a waterfall and a liquid white light is washing over me. While I let this happen, I say a little cleansing prayer.


“I am now choosing to cleanse my body, mind, and soul. I release any and all thought forms, any beings, situations and energies that are detrimental to me. I am now clear of everything that is harmful, across all planes of my existence, all dimensions, and all lifetimes. I ask that all energies are now transformed for the highest good of all. And so it is.”



If I feel especially yucky, or sense cords being attached to me, I will step out from the waterfall and call upon the goddess Brigid. I’ll ask her to cut all the energy cords with her sword. I will then ask for the remaining pieces to fall into the stream below me, and be taken away and transformed by the forces of water and earth. Then I will stand under the waterfall again, and this time I visualize the liquid silver light of the moon washing over me, clearing away any residue and leaving me free of anything that can harm me. As a final touch, I will next ask for the liquid golden light of the sun to wash over me. I imagine how this light repairs and heals any ruptures in my auric field and strengthens all aspects of my being. If you do this on a regular basis, this process only takes a couple of minutes.


After cleansing myself, now would be the time to use a psychic protection shield. For many, this might be a bubble of white light, and I also use this image when I know I need to deal with difficult situations, beings, or people during the day that I want to keep at a distance for some reason. Depending on my work on that day, it is also possible that I add an extra layer of protection. Especially if I know I have to deal with dark energy beings. But in my opinion, it is not always the right way to shield yourself off with a white light. For many, a white light means sterile, not letting anything in. While this is, in some situations, quite beneficial, just think about how you might come across towards friends, your kids, family, partners, or pets. It's not a negative thing, you are just not very accessible.

Some of you might disagree, and that’s perfectly fine. I only want to give you some food for thought, and maybe you want to play around with another approach of psychic protection. First, we will examine the various colors, followed by a discussion on energetic gifts, so let's take a look at that.


Different Colors


Instead of a white light as a protection shield, you can also use different colors depending on what you want to achieve. Let’s assume you want to spend the day with either a dear friend, with family members you like, even with family members you don’t like, or with your partner. Do you really want to put up a sterile shield where only absolute divine purity comes through, or do you want to experience the whole spectrum of human emotions without being pulled down by the heavier feelings? All people are able to pick up on those energies that you are sending out, and a white sterile light can also come across as offensive, if used for the wrong reasons, like a spiritual superiority complex that some have. The white light is to keep you clear from all things, a bit like a sterile surgery table. There are times when this is needed, when dealing with illness, or you are in the middle of a deep healing process, for example, but just as you don’t keep your home sterile at all times, you don’t need to keep your energy field sterile at every stage of your life.

As an alternative, you could put yourself into a bright pink light bubble, sending out pure love, the unconditional kind, to connect on a deeper level with those around you.

You might want to use yellow if you feel a bit low on energy, or a facing a long day at work to energize yourself and lift your spirits.

Green works well for healing energy and connection to the natural realm. You can use red for either when working on a passion project and inviting some fiery energies, another shade of red for passion in your relationship, or if you use a bright, bold shade, you can use the color red if you need to stand your ground and you might need some healthy aggression for your day.

Use the color blue if you need to engage in an important conversation, and don’t want to be misunderstood or misunderstand the other party.

Use brown if you experience spaciness and are in need of grounding energy.

As you can see, you can experiment with colors and, ultimately, the choice of association is yours.



Energetic Gifts



Another technique that I recently started to use is the one of energetic gifts. Now, you can just ask the universe, deities, spirit guides, your higher self, or whatever you work with to place these gifts into your auric field. Or perhaps, like me, you work already with an inner sanctuary, inner temple, mind palace, or however you want to call it. I call it my inner temple. This temple is also a visualization technique that I use almost every day, and if you want me to explain it in further detail, please let me know. Basically, you just imagine that you find yourself in this inner temple. That can be a house, a temple, a forest clearing, a mountain top, or whatever you like.

I imagine it as an old Victorian mansion. And in this house, I have many rooms, one for healing, one for creative writing, one for mediation, and so on. I also have a huge garden with a forest in the back. But most importantly for this article, I also have a dedicated gift room. There I store all the energetic gifts that I pick up if I think they could be useful that day, and so I put into my auric field.

You can use whatever you like, for example fluffy blankets, or teddy bears for comfort, pieces of cake for soul food, clocks for people who always lack time, protective herbs, unicorns or whimsical miniature house for a sense of wonder, roses for romance, a comfortable bed for much needed rest, you get the idea. You can get really creative here. Then you can put these gifts into your auric field and everybody you interact with on this day is able to pick them up for themselves. This way, you also don’t need to be worried about energy vampires, as you already offer them some much needed energy voluntarily. See it as your good deed for that day.


How often do I need to use psychic protection?


If you are at the beginning of your path, or if you feel vulnerable, I would advise to use a psychic protection exercise on a daily basis. Let it be one of the first things you do in the morning. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, and if you struggle with visualization, you can just use the little prayer as a statement. Also, even though my own method is quite elaborate (I do more things in my own practice) it usually doesn’t take me longer than 10 minutes or so, and that is with entering my inner temple and taking care of things in this mind palace as well. The benefit of the mind is that it works fast. You also don’t need to think about your bubble all day long to keep it up. But you can strengthen it during the day by giving it a little boost whenever you feel it is needed.

In my case, for example, I always imagine having wings, and if I need a bit of a boost during the day, I will just flutter them for a moment and all the glitter of the world spills out and adds a layer of protection, love, healing, or whatever the intention was. This technique depends, of course, on your level of appreciation for whimsy.

As you grow on your journey, you might notice after a while that you don’t need to do this daily. Perhaps you will only do it twice a week or so. Trust your intuition.

Again, what you need as psychic protection depends on your personal circumstances and what you are dealing with on a daily basis. However, it shouldn’t come from a place of fear, where you are constantly afraid that something is out there to get you, otherwise you will attract exactly what you are trying to avoid.

Let me know if you notice any change in behavior from other people when you use different colors, or maybe even try to add energetic gifts in your auric field. Does it make a difference on how people approach you? Do you feel a difference in your own behavior? Leave a comment, and share your experience if you like.

If you want to learn more about other techniques for psychic protection or if anything is unclear, please feel free to contact me.


I hope your world is kind


Much Love,




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