Healing Crisis

What is a Healing Crisis


After an energy healing, either after a Reiki Session, an attunement, a personal energy clearing, or a House Healing, some people can experience some symptoms of unease or changes in their personal energy field, also referred to as a healing crisis. 




What to do after an Energy Healing?


  • Water

After every energy healing, it is important to drink plenty of water so the body can flush out all the unwanted toxins. Some unwanted energies have been stirred up, and we purge somewhat. Therefore, flush all the waste out. 


  • Rest

Grant yourself rest. There is no use receiving an energy healing and five minutes later you run from one appointment to the next. Time your Reiki session so you can relax and take it easy for the rest of the day. For a House Healing, I would also suggest to be compassionate with yourself and only do what is necessary. Don’t strain yourself with too much exercise, yet a pleasant walk or some gentle Yoga exercises may be beneficial to you. Listen to your body, you know what is best for it. 


  • Grounding

  Sometimes, after a healing session (immediately, or in days to come), you may experience what is called being 'ungrounded'. This simply means that your energy is not earthed and you may experience sensations such as feeling ‘floaty’ or ‘airy-fairy’,

being clumsy (dropping your toast, tripping over things etc.) or just generally

feeling like you are not quite ‘with it’. 


There are some simple remedies for this, including:

  •  walking barefoot on the earth/grass
  •  working in the garden 
  • hugging a tree (yes, it works!)




  • Taking a walk outside

Engage all your senses. While walking, meditation or even a task like cooking, for example, see the colors of the vegetables, smell the spices, taste the ingredients, hear the sizzling, sense the texture of the food on your tongue. Let it all become an experience for all your senses.



  •  Grounding exercises. You can look them up or you can try the following exercise:

Stand with both feet flat on the floor and imagine yourself as a tree. Visualise big, strong tree roots growing out of your feet and dig deep into the earth. Imagine them growing downwards and outwards as far as possible, to ensure you are firmly ‘rooted’ in the earth. Feel your energy changing as you draw up the earth’s energy through your roots and allow it to fill your body. You can do this exercise anywhere and at any time you feel you need it.



Even if you follow the steps above, it is still possible to experience the following changes either in your body or your energy field. 






  • Nothing at all (and that’s perfectly fine and normal!)
  • Tiredness, sometimes feeling like you’ve 'been hit by a bus'. (This is a temporary phase, usually lasting at most one day, as your body purges out old energy. Give your body lots of rest and anything else it needs.) 
  •  An abundance of energy. Although you may feel energetic, take things very easily, this is just a temporary phase as your energy adjusts and balances. If you feel like exercising, then do so in moderation and be gentle on yourself.
  •  Spontaneous feelings and emotions; crying, sadness, happiness etc. Often after healing, your body will continue to clear energy blockages by releasing emotions. This is very healthy and normal.
  • Tingling sensations over your body. This is simply the energy moving and balancing out within your body after the healing work.
  •  A change in bowel / urine motions.
  •  For women, menstrual cycles may be slightly affected.
  •  A change in diet, either eating less or more – or wanting different foods. 
  •  Vivid dreams. You might want to start a dream journal. Your subconscious may send you important messages while you sleep.
  •  Disruption in sleep patterns. You might sleep less or more in the coming days.
  •  Changes in thought patterns & perspectives. When healing takes place, it can sometimes shift old 'filters' in our minds, changing our outlook on life, sometimes changing old habits & patterns, generating ‘light bulb’ moments and an increased quest for spiritual knowledge.


Know that these sensations are temporary and are very normal after a healing session. Your body is simply purging out what it needs to in order to make space for new, wonderful energy to replace it. So please be patient and let your body do what it needs to do. If you feel tired, then rest. If you feel hungry, then eat. If you feel like crying, then cry.

Healing occurs in layers. It is important to understand that although one session certainly begins the healing process, you may wish to continue healing deeper layers by attending more sessions should you feel that this is necessary.


I hope your world is kind

Much Love



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