Trapped Spirits, Guardians, Dark Energy Beings & more


When getting a House Healing, you will find a section that focuses on spirits, ghosts, and other beings. But what exactly are they and how can they affect us?

Let us focus first on the beings that may roam about your home.

For many, this means ghosts, or earthbound spirts, and they aren’t wrong. 



Ghosts, earthbound souls, tricky souls


The first section I investigate in my work as a House Healer, is about possible spirits in your home. The earthbound souls, or also called trapped spirits in some reports, are the restless souls of humans who left their body as they passed, but didn’t move on into the light. There are a few reasons this happens. Perhaps someone died so suddenly, often the death was caused by an accident, but also murder could play a role in this, that they don’t even realize they are dead. I was surprised at how often that is the case when I started communicating with earthbound spirits. And I don’t particularly like to break the news to them. But it is part of the work. Sometimes explaining to them what happened and telling them they are still on the earth plane can already be enough for them to move into the light. Other times, they need help and guidance. 


A different reason for staying on the earth plane after they passed can be the fear of retribution. They might have done something in this lifetime that they aren’t proud of, and are afraid of the consequences of their actions. Especially for those who were raised religiously, this fear might be so great that they will refuse to move on into the light. They don’t want to be sent to hell or be reincarnated as a bug in their next life cycle. Another reason that a soul remains on this plane is that they are stuck in a loop of an event or by something that has been done to them. They were unable to heal their wounds and relive the situation on repeat. That will lead us also to ghosts, which are not human souls, but the events replaying in a loop. Let’s get a tad gruesome now, and we assume that someone was strangled. The fight they put up previous to dying may have been imprinted in the ether. Perhaps they smashed themselves against the wall to get rid of the strangler, and you could still hear a knock at certain times. That could be a ghost. 


When working with these lost souls, we can also sometimes encounter a tricky soul. This one will be harder to persuade to move into the light. They might have a certain control and power over other spirits. 

Their common trait is that they are detrimental. Not because they are malicious or have ill intentions towards the inhabitants, but because this is the wrong realm for them and their vibration creates a disturbance. 

It isn’t necessary that these spirits died on your property. Perhaps they were drawn to the energy of the house, land, or the people that live there. This can be because of similar life experiences or similar energy patterns. Some might even try to protect you. Others could be present in your home because you shared a history in a past life. And sometimes it is as simple as an earthbound soul being attracted to you.


Not only old mansions have hauntings, not only castles of the olden days, but also a new apartment in the city can have spirits and ghosts.

Often, you are not even aware of them. There is no indication of spirit activity in your home, and yet something doesn’t feel quite right, or drains your energy. Similarly, the spirits are not even aware of you, as they still exist in their own loops of reality. But as soon as a House Healer, or an Energy Clearer, searches for them, the energies shift and suddenly both parties take note of each other. You might then experience some poltergeist activities like knocking, things disappearing, or seeing shadows from the corner of your eye. For that reason, I always clear spirits away as soon as I find them. I ask my spiritual team to hold space for the family until I am ready to guide them into the light. I try to disturb both parties as little as possible. 

Yet spirits and ghosts are not the only beings that dwell in homes. 




The Guardians 


Connecting with the Guardians is an important part of the investigation of a House Healing job. We can distinguish between 3 Guardians. The Guardian of the Site, The Spirit of the Place (Genius Loci) and the Guardian of the Home. I personally see them as part of the Faery Realm, as they are so closely connected to the land. 

Every plot of earth on this planet has a Guardian of the Site. This custodian is very protective of his land and will make you aware if something bothers him. When working with these guardians, I often hear about environmental issues in the area. Mostly you can’t do much about that, unless you yourself create the issues by using poisonous pesticides or something similar. The site guardians can be worked with to help adjust the earth energy flows. They are likely to aid you in this matter. 



The Spirit of the Place (Genius Loci) is often found at sacred sites, but then again, is not all land sacred? This Guardian, or custodian, differs a bit from the Guardian of the Site. He or she is not so direct, but more subtle. The Genius Loci is almost like an aura of the place, carrying the energy patterns of the physical structures. This Guardian overlooks a wider area than the Guardian of the Site.

The Spirit of the Place also holds memories from past events and can be worked with when dealing with Historical Place Memories, which we will discover in a future article. 

Whenever you visit a sacred site, it is advisable to ask the Guardians permission to enter. You can also connect with them and ask them questions, either via dowsing or other divination tools. I have a Tarot spread on my homepage to communicate with them.

Here is the link if you are interested. 




Let’s move on to the next Guardian. 


The Guardian of the Home is the closest one to you, and when I start a House Healing job, the first one I will connect with. By communication with this being I often get already an overview of what issues there might be, concerning the home and the surrounding land. This Guardian reflects often the atmosphere of a home and is the reflection of ourselves. The colors you use in your decorations, your own emotions, and how you arrange your furniture are all represented in this Guardian. 

When I tune into a home, the Guardian often shows me through images how a home feels, if there is turmoil, stuck energy, or if the overall energy is calm. 

To connect with your own Guardian of the Home, start by communicating with them. Tell them if you want to make any changes in the home, or just tell them about your day. You can also set the intention to connect with them when you meditate and perhaps they’ll send you messages in this way. Acknowledge their presence in your home and in your life. They are part of you and vice versa. 




Thought and Life Forms 

Thought and Life forms are self created energetic beings and come into existence through us. A thought form is made up of energy and contains emotions and mental matter. If your thoughts are very clear, this being will also be well defined and carry clear patterns, but if your thoughts are vague, so the being will be. They can be short-lived if not regularly fed with our feelings, yet if we tend to overthink, playing the same thoughts repeatedly in our head, and therefore keep repeating, creating the same emotions they can manifest into our home and lives. Not every thought form will be detrimental, as they can also manifest from positive thoughts, but regarding energy clearings, that is what we are looking at; the energy that might be harmful to us. 

These thought forms will grow if we keep feeding them. They will manifest clearer and at some point, they will turn into independent life forms. They don’t need their host anymore and can move freely through the home. Let’s say you had strong negative thoughts about work, you feel stressed and treated unfairly. You keep replaying arguments in your head. This will also create anger. If the situation at work doesn’t improve, you will continue to have negative thoughts and feelings about it. The thought form detaches itself from you and now has enough energy to exist outside of you. Imagine now that this thought form dwells in your home office and every time you work there, it will influence you. If you are sensitive to energies, you will pick up on these patterns containing anger, stress, and even maybe insecurity. Now you play ping-pong with this being. 

They also often come into existence through conflict. If you have a lot of arguments with your partner, for example, or live in a house where the former occupants were going through a divorce, chances are that such a thought or life form roams about your home. 




Lower Animal Life Forms 

Lower animal life forms are ancient beings and primal in nature. They don’t have a physical body but are energetic beings. They existed already long before us and it is said that they are interested in us because of our emotional range. If they attach to you, they are likely to be found in your auric field, but sometimes they can also attach themselves to your chakras. 

If they are not attached to a person, they might be found in darker corners of your home, or they might also appear near portals. 

Personally, I don’t consider them to have a massive detrimental effect, but of course, that is again up to the individual. They are cleared rather easily and even if they can influence us; I suspect they are not as manipulative as other beings.

And this will lead us to the next section



Dark Energy Beings


Much can be said about these beings. The way I was taught in my House Healing course to write up a report didn’t include a section for dark energy beings. But during my training, and afterwards, I came across them rather often, therefore I gave them a section of their own and prefer to look out twice for them as they can be rather sneaky and are very aware of us House Healers or Energy Clearers. They are intelligent beings and know how to hide from us.

Some may call them demons. The Greek word daimòn means a supernatural being or spirit, but in the context we use demon today, we refer to an evil spirit, a being from hell. This is all a matter of belief system and, frankly, perspective. My belief is more set in pagan roots, and so my view of them is not as the workers from hell. However, I acknowledge the darkness, and don’t shy away from their presence around us. Please understand, even if they can be detrimental, they are still a part of the divine. They deserve our respect, just as angels or other high vibrational energy beings. During my work with them, I also found compassion for them. 


But why do they turn up in your energy field?

Dark energy beings are attracted to us because of certain emotions that create lower vibrations. This can range from greed to loneliness, fear, anger, and depression. Even grief is attractive to them. They feed on these emotions and can even manipulate us, so we stay longer in this low vibrational state, so we remain a food source for them. Don’t get me wrong, please. These feelings, like sadness, anger, etc., are perfectly valid. We all have them and it is a part of the total experience of our life. There is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about allowing difficult emotions rising to the surface. On the contrary, it is my belief that the more we try to suppress these emotions, even deny them, and cover them up with a lot of fluffy light and bland statements like ‘Just think positive thoughts’, we create even more damage, and attract the dark beings even more. Because oh how they enjoy a good denial. It is important that we recognize the emotions, let them rise up to the surface, acknowledge them, work with them and through them, and then heal them before we can let them go. This process isn’t a speedy one, and the practice needs to be integrated into your daily life. It is also important to work with our own shadows. The more aware we are of our own darkness and don’t push it down so hard, the less interesting we are for them, because even if we work with our own darkness, we at least work actively on our healing and allow light to reach the shadows of our selves. 


Dark energy beings can also enter our homes through portals, which we will discuss in another article. They might even turn up in households where someone enjoys watching horror movies. Again, they feed on fear, and getting that thrill during a horror movie can attract them.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Not everyone who watches horror movies has to be afraid now to attract demons into their home. Some people just genuinely enjoy that genre and don’t create underlying issues with it. 

Personally, I always speak a little protection over the TV and ensure no destructive energies can enter before watching anything that might scare me. 

If you are unsure about this, just observe yourself and your environment closely after you watched something scary. If nothing changes, you probably are just not affected by it. Yet, if there are any changes, use protection and observe your own reaction and the energy patterns around you. 

Also, not everyone who has a negative thought will attract dark energy beings. Only if you stay in the cycle of these thought patterns, can’t find a way out, build up those negative emotions, it is possible to invite them in, unwillingly. 


Trauma creates a lot of difficult emotions, and you might even feel like you are being punished, even though you try to work through it. And then these beings create even more difficulties. You might think you don’t deserve that. And true, you don’t. It is not about punishment; it is only a reaction, nothing more, nothing less. Do not blame yourself, don’t take it up on your shoulders. If you suspect any beings around you, know you can get help. 

Through a clearing and further guidance, you will learn how to create an environment that won’t be that interesting for them.

If dealing with dark energy beings, I would advise to seek help from a professional, one that has already some experience, as it can be quite overwhelming to work with these beings in the beginning. 

But remember, respect is key. 


I could still write so much about these beings, but I am considering giving them an article of their own and write more about my experience with them so far. 


If you have questions, or any ideas or requests for future articles, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to the next time where we will discuss Energetic Imprints and how they can affect us.


Until then,


I hope your world is kind 

Much Love 



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