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Earth Energy & Geopathic Stress 



  • Ley Lines


If you are setting out to research earth energy or earth energy lines, you will first come across Ley Lines. Most people have heard of them, and their definition varies from a simple straight line connecting different sites to mysterious lines that are full of magic and wonder. 

Alfred Watkins made his discovery of the Leys public in 1922. As he drove around in his car and studied his map of the Herefordshire landscape, he noticed that different sites, like beacon hills, earth works, old churches, and circular moats, could be connected with straight lines. He claimed Leys were the remnants of prehistoric trackways, and so the Ley hunting began. To this day, there isn’t a fixed definition of what a Ley line actually is. And so for some it will remain just a straight track between sites, and for others a mystical unseen energy line. 

In his book ‘Heal your Home 2’ Adrian I. Weber describes Ley Lines as human intent lines. Humans have set these mysterious lines up in the past as an energetic guide to lead the people from one site to another. 


  • Energy Channels


Earth energy channels accompany the Ley Lines as they are feeding off of them. The most well-known energy channels are the Mary and the Michael line in Britain. They start at St. Michaels Mount in Penzance, Cornwall, and run to the coast of East Anglia. They cross several sacred sites on their path, for example, the Hurlers in Bodmin Moor, through Glastonbury, and Avebury. 

Energy channels are not straight lines, they travel around the world in a serpentine line. 

For some people, they can be detrimental, especially if they carry human emotions with them. But also depending on their earth energy patterns that they have picked up on their journey through sacred sites. 



  • Places of Energy


Both types of earth energy lines run through significant sites. In France or in Britain, for example, they cross standing stones, stone circles, burial chambers, churches, etc. There is a belief that especially the stones are like needles and puncture those lines, veins or even meridians, as in acupuncture. The stones are there to guide and enhance the energy flowing all over the planet. 

Whatever you believe, there is no denial that those ancient sites have a magical pull to them. They are often aligned with stars or the sun. They let people dream and wonder. Sacred sites are places of contemplation. If only you wonder about the why of theses places. 

In folklore, we can find evidence that many of the sacred sites were used for healing rituals. 

In Cornwall, for example, we can find the site of Men-an-Tol. It is said if you crawled through the hole of the stone that it can heal rheumatic illness and children could be cured from tuberculosis. In Brittany, the standing stone of Kerloas is said to be a fertility stone. Women only need to rub their belly against to stone, and even today you can find evidence of a smoother area on the stone, where people over the ages have kept this tradition alive. 

People still hold rituals at sacred sites. The fascination is as strong as ever, and people are drawn to these places even if they can’t explain it.

Charles Brooker performed an experiment by using sensitive magnetometers and discovered that the magnetic field inside the Rollright Stones was significantly lower than measured outside the circle. At the same site, Dr Don Robins used an ultrasonic detector and found that the King Stone sent out a pulsing noise. This pulsing noise increased just before and after the winter solstice. When this pulsing was converted to sound, it became apparent that the stones seemed to sing.



However, even if all these ancient sites are without doubt fascinating, and certainly they still hold many secrets for us to discover, I also want to ensure that everybody understands not only these types of sites contain potent energies. And we will discuss places of power and where you can find them near your home, and even in your home, at a later point. 


  • Feng Shui 

The idea of earth energy lines is not only common in Europe. To keep it simple, Feng Shui, in its earliest form, was a set of rules to place tombs and other sacred buildings in the correct spot in the landscape. The Chinese believed that the landscape was a living being and that the subtle energies flowed through the veins of the earth. These energies, or the dragon’s breath, as they also referred to it, had to be found and kept in balance whenever a tomb, or sacred site, was built. You can compare the dragon lines to the Ley lines, but they aren’t necessarily straight. 



  • Underground water


Underground water, and especially water veins, are well-known to create geopathic stress. In 1929 the dowser Gustav Freiherr Von Pohl, did an experiment regarding water veins and has proved to the fullest extent that deaths from cancer, in the German town Vilsbiburger, occur without exception in houses, or rooms, or beds that are above strong underground watercourses.

The effects of underground water will not always be that drastic, but they can cause insomnia, not feeling rested after sleeping, it can cause bad dreams, or you might feel unwell in general, it can even cause arthritis, or as we have seen already, cancer. 

When dealing with underground water, it is also important to note that water can store memories and emotions. Therefore, the detrimental effect of it comes not only from the water itself, but from these emotions and memories as well. Of course also uplifting and positive emotions are stored within the water, but as a House Healer we look at the detrimental effects. And if you sleep night after night over a water vein that carries emotions of anger, resentment, jealousy, or so on, well, of course, you won’t get a good night’s sleep. 

Water veins respond, as many other earth energy phenomena, to our human consciousness. Therefore, we can interact with it. Pure intent can even divert them. 


  • Geological Fault Lines


Now let’s have a look at geological fault lines. Fault lines are fractures in the earth’s crust where rocks on either side of the crack have slid past each other. They are related to the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates. The most well-known fault line is the San Andreas fault. It extends roughly 1,200 kilometers (750 mi) from northern California southward to Cajon Pass near San Bernardino. The San Andreas fault forms the tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. 

At sacred sites, fault lines are often found running through, or are at least nearby. 

It will not affect everybody, but those who are the common effects on people can be the affections of the circulatory system, nervousness, irritability, hyperactivity, emotional hypersensitivity, and insomnia. 


  • Energy Spirals


Earth energy spirals are vortexes and found everywhere. They are created when two or more lines of water veins, or energy lines, or other geopathic disturbances are crossing. They are not always detrimental. It is even possible that they neutralize the detrimental effect of the other lines. Then these spirals can even be beneficial and you can use them to mediate on them, or if their energy is intense and empowering, they can even be wonderful spots to work on. 

You can dowse for energy spirals yourself. Every home has them. Simply ask your dowsing rods to show you the most beneficial earth energy spiral in your home and let them guide you in the right direction.

Sometimes, however, these spirals also carry human emotions and detrimental energy patterns, and then they need to be cleared and harmonized first. When this occurred you can then send in positive thoughts, meditate, chant, or even use prayers on them, so they become positively charge and they might even expand. Use these little power spots to your advantage. 


  • Grids: Hartmann and Curry 


The Hartmann grid was developed in 1951 by the doctor Dr. E. Hartmann discovered and consists of 15-20 cm wide bands, spaced about 2 meters north-south and about 2.5 meters east-west around the earth. It appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible, radioactive walls. As far as we know, the bands themselves are harmless. The grid points only cause illness where they meet other geopathic stress zones.

However, according to researchers, the Hartmann lines are getting weaker and have less effect on people.

The Curry grid is named after the discoverer, the doctor Dr. Manfred Curry. It is aligned with the cardinal points. It is also known as a diagonal mesh grid.

The strip width of the Curry net is approximately 60 cm and the mesh width is 3 to 4 meters. Structural measures, as well as geographical circumstances, can distort the grid. Also, it changes its size with the moon phases. This network structure is biologically more unpleasant than the Hartmann grid.

Some of the negative effects of both grids are lack of concentration, rapid exhaustion, rapid fatigue to the point of complete exhaustion.

So much is said about these lines, or these grids. It is a complex system and when it comes to House Healing, all we need to look at is if there are detrimental crossings.



  • Sink Holes 


For the section of Earth Energy, Energetic sink holes might be harder to grasp. They are little holes that can be found in your home that make it possible to let energy flow from one dimension to another. If found under your bed or in an area where you spend a lot of time, they can be quite draining. Sink holes can suck the energy of your auric field and can leave you feel exhausted and weaken your life force. You could compare them to Black holes, if you like, but on a tiny scale, of course. 



  • Reversal Points 


Reversal points are another phenomenon that might be more difficult to grasp. They are points on our plane that allow energy of the deep earth itself to rise into our atmosphere. They are not harmful until they get covered up by either furniture or other objects like plant pots, for example. If that is the case, they need to find another exit point and this can cause a detrimental effect on people and animals.

In a House Healing report, they will be shown in pairs, the one that is covered and the one that caused the detrimental effect. 



This covers the Earth Energy Section of a full House Healing Report. I hope that gave you a bit of an idea what a House Healer is dowsing for when searching for detrimental aspects in your home. 

I also offer an option for House Healing where we only look for detrimental Earth Energies if you are interested.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. 


I hope your world is kind


Much Love, 


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