Beltane Tarot Spread

Hi lovelies, 

are you just as excited as I am ? 

I am currently preparing some things for my Beltane celebrations, I really love this day, it is my favorite of all the festivals.

I adore that potent energy, the fiery passion, everything is so intense, and my connection to nature and to my patron deity is incredible at the moment. 

I worked a lot lately but now I allow myself to take a step back and just enjoy this time of the year.

I still want to leave you a Tarot Spread here, that you can use for Beltane. 

All the topics of this festival are combined in this spread.


1. Growth : On what do I need to focus during this season ?

2. Love : What needs nurturing in my life ?

3. Sparks : How can I unleash my creativity ?

4. Fire : What drives me during this time ?

5. Smoke : What needs to burn away ?

6. Unravel : Where do I still need clarification ?

7. Union : How can I best balance the feminine and the masculine energy ?

8. Blessing : My special gift for Beltane 


I really hope that this spread is helpful.


I keep it short today, as I want to spend as little time on the computer as possible at this time.

I wish you all wonderful Beltane celebrations.


Much Love and many Blessings 




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