Clearing the Personal Energy Field


In a House Healing report, we check not only your home and the surrounding land, but also the energy field of a person. If you carry detrimental patterns with you, it can also be reflected on the land and vice versa. We are one with our surrounding, therefore it is just as important to check the people within a full House Healing report. 

In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the different sections we are checking for detrimental patterns.


Detrimental Attachments

Detrimental attachments are quite common and most people will have them. They can be minor and easy to clear. Sometimes we just pick them up from other people in passing. To avoid this in the future and to strengthen our auric field, psychic protection comes in handy. If you haven’t already, you can read my article about that HERE


Other times, we create them ourselves. They can stem from emotional outbursts similar to the emotional energy spots in you home, or they can even stem from traumatic events, or inner turmoil. If they were created through trauma, it is possible that there are several layers to clear and it will take more than one healing session to clear the auric field. 

You can imagine them as black spots in your auric field. But in Kundalini Reiki, those attachments for trauma are imagined as small diamonds in your aura. However you chose to visualize them, it will be beneficial for you to clear them, as they can leave you in emotional distress if not dealt with. 



Psychic cords and chains

Psychic cords and chains are formed between people with a close bond to each other. That can be between parents and children, partners, friends, and so on. In the beginning of a relationship, this might be beneficial, but the stronger your bond becomes, the less you need these psychic cords and they will become more draining with time. These cords or chains will often get stronger the weaker our bond becomes because one party might cling on desperately in order not to lose the other party. Psychic cords can also be present with a person that is not amongst the living anymore. Otherwise some spirits, or dark energy beings also sometimes attach cords or chains to us, even with hooks sometimes. 

We can also create weaker and thin cords throughout our normal everyday life with random people we meet. They are easy to clear by either imagining a bright light washing your aura while you’re in a shower or by brushing your aura. You could also use a knife and cut away all cords. Those are only a few examples.

To cut away more insistent cords or chains, you could imagine either an angel, some other light being you're working with, or ask a deity or guide to help you by using a sword and cut the cords away. I like to ask the goddess Brigid to assist me. I imagine her standing between the two parties, make her first cut at the person who attached the cord, the second cut at the other person, and a third cut in the middle. Then I asked for the remains to be taken away as appropriate. However, please ensure that there aren’t any hooks remaining in your auric field.



  • Candle Ritual

If you want to be more practical about this, you can also perform a ritual. Take two candles and carve your name on one candle, and on the other candle you carve the name of the person involved. Put the candles on a fire safe surface. They can be 4 to 6 inches apart. Tie a piece of string in the center of the candles to connect them. As you light the candles, focus on each of them and who they represent. Then imagine how this cutting of ties, or in this case burning of the ties, will give you back your life force and how liberated you will feel once the cord will no longer be between you. 

If you work with the moon phases, perform this ritual during the waning moon or new moon. 



Psychic Attack

We will also have a look if you might be under a psychic attack. Depending on how sensitive you are, you might already feel a detrimental effect if someone is only thinking bad thoughts about you. But that is not the case for everyone. A psychic attack is more likely to show up if someone continuously talks badly about you, disapproves of you, or is jealous of your accomplishments. The other person might not do this intentionally, but if you are under psychic attack, you might feel drained, tired, insecure, or even suffer from regular headaches. A psychic attack will most likely come from someone you know. It can also occur if someone casts a spell on you, then it is, of course, intentional. Whatever the reason is, also here it is advisable to strengthen your energy field in the first place, so you are less prone to this form of attack. 



Fractured or Torn Soul

The soul is quite complex and sometimes it seems like parts of it are just not with us anymore. A part might have split from us after trauma, an accident or some other life-changing event. It might feel like one, or even more, parts of the soul were escaping to find safety. 

Psychologically, it can be explained as disassociation.

To integrate these parts back into your whole being, it will take some practical work. A Healer can help on an energetic level, but there also needs to be some practical steps. 

Symptoms you might experience if you have a fractured soul are:


  • Exhaustion
  • Having difficulties adjusting
  • Feeling lost
  • Depression
  • Repeated negative thoughts 
  • Unhealthy coping mechanism 


In this section, we also check for possible tears in your auric field. Usually this is easier to heal and you yourself can do it if you practice a regular psychic protection. 



Past Life Vows or contracts

Sometimes we still carry patterns from our past lives. We may have vows that still have an effect on us in this life as we were so adamant and passionate about them in our previous existence. This can be vows of poverty, chastity, or even wedding vows. 

Once recognized, you can lift these vows. Perhaps they are even intertwined with your ancestors, and doing some healing work on your ancestral line might be beneficial. 



Other Past Life Issues/ Ancestral Patterns

These issues can either come from you personally or are related to your ancestral line. If any issues are turning up here, I would suggest to address this as well. An energetic healing can be a part of the process, yet do not dismiss the practical steps you can take to resolve these issues. Practical steps are adjustments in behavior. That means you begin to own up to your mistakes and do your shadow work. To make positive changes in your life, break the cycle, start thinking about which choices are causing you problems, and dare to make different choices. All these steps together will help you to break those patterns. 



Chakra Balancing

The way we use the concept of chakras in the West is a bit different from their original concept. First of all, there are many chakra systems. But the one that is now most worked with is the 7 chakra system, and I use this one as well for my House Healing report. 

Another point is that the chakras are not fixed, or in other words, in the old teachings, it is said to think them into being. We often state them as facts, whereas originally it was taught to imagine them for a specific purpose or to reach a goal.

The psychological states associated with each chakra are also a newer invention and have nothing to do with the original teachings. They also have no specific associations to crystals, herbs, or archangels. 

I don’t want to tell anybody that they are doing it wrong, I just don’t want to repeat the usual western concept of the chakras. If it works for you, that’s great, and more power to you. 

In my own practice I will dowse to see if the energy is flowing in your energy body, therefore I will use the chakras as indicators. But personally, I will put no psychological value or other interpretations on the different chakras and assume you have low self-esteem because your solar plexus chakra is unbalanced or blocked. 

For people who don’t work with the chakra system, I also like to use another concept. This divides the body (physical and energetic) into 4 parts.



  • Feet represent the Earth element
  • Genitals represent the Water element
  • Heart represents the Fire element
  • Throat represents the Air element 


I dowse these four parts to see if any blockages come up. If so, I will clear them and provide an exercise on how to keep the energy flowing freely in the future. 



Spirits within the Auric Field

In a previous article, I talked already about spirits. You can find it HERE

Sometimes spirits decide to attach themselves to a person. There are many reasons to why they do this. Sometimes it can be protective, or they are attracted to your energy. Sometimes it can also be for vengeful reasons, or they are angry. Some spirits shared similar life experiences to you and they feel drawn to your energy field simply because it is familiar.

Once I came across a spirit who became attached to someone because they started practicing a new hobby of wood working. The spirit was reminded so strongly of her beloved husband and therefore she attached herself to the person’s auric field. 

This isn’t always dramatic or has dire consequences, but it will be draining. There are other circumstances, though, and personality changes can be observed. If there is any indication that there might be a spirit attached to you, reach out to someone who is experienced in this field.



Energetic Parasites

Another section in the House Healing report is parasites. In my case, I only check for energetic parasites. Clearing physical parasites requires different measures, as energy healing alone is not effective. 

Anything could turn up here. Sometimes maybe we missed something, or it isn’t a being that we already asked for, but something of lesser self-awareness. So far I didn’t come across much here, but who knows what the future will still show me for this section?




The last thing we check for as House Healers in the personal energy field are implants. Some can be physical implants like pins, joint replacements, or pacemakers that carry detrimental energy. Others are of a more energetic nature. For example, Reiki symbols are wrongly carried out. On some occasions, implants could also turn up being related to ET or otherworldly implants. 

This section can be more obscure and it needs some investigation. But not everyone will carry around otherworldly implants.



As you see, there is quite a bit to investigate within your personal energy field. If you're intrigued, I also provide this as an alternative choice for my Energy Clearing services. 

I hope this overview gave you a bit of an idea of what you can investigate yourself and how to clear some aspects.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope your world is kind


Much Love,




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