Wheel of the Year : Beltane

Beltane is my absolute favorite Festival, and I really want to give you something at this time. If you are interested in a  reading for Beltane  feel free to take a look at my shop and request a Beltane Reading, it's free.

As you see I've also made a video for Beltane, but I will share the text here as well.

You can celebrate Beltane on April 30rd or  on the night of the Full Moon nearest to the end of April and the beginning of May, or as near to this as possible.

Beltane is a celebration of the fertility and  potency of the life force.

This is the time to celebrate unions of all kinds, fertility and manifestation on many different levels, Love, sexuality, and fruitfulness. It is a time to be in touch with the instinctive wild forces within and without, to be aware of the potency of the life force and its power on the physical spiritual and mystical levels.

In the pagan past, this was the night of the greenwood marriage, where the union between the horned God and the fertile Goddess was re-enacted  by the men and the women to ensure the fertility of the land. It was a night to spend in the woods, to make love outside, stay up all night and watch the sunrise, and bathe in the early morning dew. 

The horned god, untamable instinctive wild man of the forest, becomes a withe stag and chases the fertile goddess, who becomes a white deer. There is a connection between horns and male vitality through an ancient tantric belief that by the transformation of ejaculation, a mystic energy mounts up the spine, made visible by horns, and brings mystical power and wisdom.

The goddess knows the power of love and the power of her own sexuality. She too is transformed by their union, becoming the Grain-Mother, carrying the fruit of their union.

Through the blending of these opposite forces, they become the fertile force of manifested energy. Beltane is the celebration of this mystical and spiritual transformation inherent in sexual union.

May day celebrations included dancing around the maypole, symbolising the interweaving and joining of the male and female energies. This creates a web of energy in the living matrix of power. It was common practice to bring a new pole into the village every year, representing the year’s incarnation of the vegetation or nature spirit. All this is linked to a much older ceremony of fetching a living tree into the village every year, possibly a hawthorn tree, as Hawthorn has a strong connection to the Beltane Festival. This living tree would still have its resident dryad within the tree who would be central to the ceremony and danced around. It would have been asked for its help to ensure fertility of the land and a good harvest.

Beltane is one of the four great Cross Quarter Fire Festivals. People then jumped the fire to purify, cleanse, and to bring fertility. Couples jumped the fire together to pledge themselves to each other. Beltane energy is  about the sacredness  and power of unbridled love and sexual pleasures, and deep connection of the heart. 

All of life is bursting with fertility, everything is in the process of becoming. Flowers are everywhere and animals are having their young. 

The Earth’s Energies are at their most active. The dragon lines can be intuitively sensed or dowsed. This is the perfect time for walking the ancient energy paths. You can try to dowse the energies with a pendulum or dowsing rods and see what you can find out about the earth energies around you.

Beltane, like its opposite on the wheel of the year, Samhain, marks a particularly potent transition in the yearly cycle. At dawn and at dusk especially, the boundaries between the worlds are thin, and the veil is lifted. 

At this day you can also visit springs and wells in your area. If there are hawthorn trees growing nearby, sit and find stillness with these beautiful friendly trees. There is a custom to hang red ribbons in the trees, but over the years this custom produced a lot of garbage, and most of these ribbons are not eco friendly, so I wouldn't recommend it. 

The fire is central to Beltane Eve, so make a fire and you can also burn dried herbs in it, choose herbs that you think is right for you. I personally often use Sage and Rosemary to support the cleansing process and for protection. 

When you celebrate this Festival, allow yourself to be wild and free, dance around, celebrate your sexuality, and have a great party.

I wish you a magical Beltane and a merry celebration


Love and Blessings



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