Autumn Equinox

Hi lovelies, today I want to share some information about the Autumn Equinox.

We celebrate this day between September 20th and September 23rd  this year it is celebrated on September twenty second in the northern hemisphere.

The Autumn Equinox is the time to take action and move into a new energy phase to balance the outer world with the inner world. 

Day and night are in perfect balance again all over the world. 

Autumn equinox is the doorway to winter. Summer is over and a new phase will begin.

From now on the days will get shorter and colder. The Sun’s power is waning fast. This is the time of ripening fruits, nuts, mushrooms and berries. 

It is a time for balancing and reconciling opposites and to see them as a part of the whole. Everything co-exists together and we need both sides in order to be balanced and whole : the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, creation and destruction, death and rebirth, materialism and spirituality. Here at the Autumn equinox, celebrate your whole selves, your masculine and feminine aspects, your conscious and unconscious, the active and the receptive, your light and dark sides, your fortunes and your misfortunes, your young self and your old self - and all aspects of the cycle of life. 

Things are moving fast now. Preparations and intentions for the coming winter months must be made. The leaves are changing color and falling from the trees; the fruit is ripening and needs to b gathered in. Outside jobs need to be completed. 

Give thanks to your harvest. A state of gratitude opens your heart and increases the flow of love and abundance in your life. Give thanks for the inner rewards you are beginning to harvest and look for ways to use them in the future. 

At this moment when we appreciate all that the Earth has provided for us, ask yourself what you can give back, to help the healing of the earth. For example, you could make a commitment to clean a natural area from garbage on a regular basis, or you could plant a tree now if you have room to do so, as the fall is a great time to do this. 

If you have a garden, start to clear it, cut back, weed and compost, finish off garden projects you may have started. Give thanks to the flower, herbs and the medicine you have harvested. 


This is a good time to clean out and clear your space ready for the coming new season. Throw out or give away unwanted things that are no longer relevant, or hold emotional associations that may be holding you back. As you are about to move indoors now, the importance of a clean uncluttered space for yourself cannot be overemphasized. You can also burn sage to cleanse your space.

If you have an altar, clear and cleanse this sacred space as well, you may want to decorate it with nuts and other symbols of this time of harvest. 

If you want to prepare yourself for your journey into the inner realms you could sit with your back against your favorite tree, tune into its descending energy. Here in this moment, feel the same energy within yourself. Turn and seek strength in the roots of your deepest being. 

If you have gathered in already your herbs you can dry them, and try to mix different incenses. Go with your gut, dare to experiment a bit. You can also use dried berries to put in you mix. Make notes what you put in the different mixes and what you want to use them for. You can also give them special names. 


If you want more information you can take a look at the video above.

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I wish you all a wonderful time

Much Love and Blessings

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