Wheel of the Year: Summer Solstice

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I've made a video for the upcoming Summer Solstice, so if you are curious, go ahead and watch it :-)

But I will also share some information here on the blog.

In the northern hemisphere it is the longest day. The sun is at the height of its power, but now is the second great turning point in the solar year, where the cosmic wheel stops and starts again. 

On Midsummer’s eve people stayed up all night to watch the sunrise and celebrate the longest day. Bonfires of Oak Wood were lit on the hilltops and aromatic herbs thrown into them. Cattle and the sick were passed through the smoke for healing and good health. 

The wheel is an important symbol of this festival, but unlike at the Winter Solstice, when all wheel were stopped, here wheels are kept in motions. Cartwheels were lit and rolled down the hillsides.

It was a time of dancing and joyful abandonment, a celebration of the Corn Mother Goddess. Giant effigies of the Earth Mother, Green Men, and dragons were carried through the town and later burnt on the Midsummer fires. Farmers would circle their crops three times with lighted torchess in celebration of the Earth Mother and the harvest that was to come. 

With the new cycle of the sun begins the journey to the Summerlands, signifying endings and beginnings. The outer energy begins to wane. The inner energy begins to expand.

This is a dual celebration. On one hand, it is a celebration of all which has become manifest during the outward cycle of the sun, and on the other hand it celebrates the return to the dark cycle of the year. 

Old legends tell us of the battle between the Oak King and the Holly King. These two mighty rulers fight for supremacy as the Wheel of the Year turns each season. At the Winter Solstice, the Oak King conquers the Holly King, and then reigns until Midsummer. Once the Summer Solstice arrives, the Holly King returns to do battle with the old king, and defeats him.

Throughout all of nature the rampant growth period of the year has reach its peak and the natural world is in total manifestation. The trees are in full leaf and blossom, herbs, flowers, and vegetables are flourishing and the fruit and grain are beginning to swell. Everywhere there is a sense of completeness and abundance.

It is a time to enjoy and celebrate what you have, what and who are you are, and what you have achieved and manifested this year. Use this special day to focus and charge with healing and positive intent all you wish to be. Add the strength and power of the sun to enhance and activate what you want to bring into your life.

So what can you do for the Solstice ?

You could, for example,  place a glass of spring water in the sun and after a few hours, drink the solar-charged water. You can add specific herbs and gemstones to the water to bring their unique properties to the solar-charged elixir. 

At this time of the year there are also many herbs that are ready to be picked and dried for winter cooking, teas, and medicines. Don't forget to thank the plants as you pick them. 

If possible, find a hill or high point from which to watch the solstice sunrise as it rises in the North East. Celebrate the sun as its first rays appear. Give thanks for your achievements, hopes and aspirations.


In my video I will also share a Tarot spread that I found, so you can also try out this spread and do a reading for yourself.


Much Love and Blessings 

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