Tarot Meditation

Hi Lovelies, 

A dear friend of mine asked me how she could meditate on a Tarot card. I decided to write her a meditation and I wanted to share this with you as well. You can find the text for the meditation below, but I also did a Video, so you can just relax and enjoy your Tarot journey.

Love and Blessings


Choose a card from your Tarot Deck that you would like to meditate on. 

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. 

If you like, you can burn some incense and light a candle to set the mood. 

Now find a spot where you can sit comfortable in an upright position. 

Take your chosen card into your hands.

Take time to clear your mind, imagine yourself standing next to a rippling stream that flows through the forest. Listen to it. The water is crystal clear. Now take all your worries and all the thoughts that are bothering you and drop them into the stream. Watch how they disappear in the distance. 

Take three deep breaths. In….breath in a beautiful light that spreads through your whole body, Out… relax all your muscles….In… and Out, and again a deep breath in….and out. 

Allow you breath to become steady and regular. 

Look at your card, pay attention to the details. Where are your eyes drawn too?

Close your eyes now and see if you can remember all the details in the card.

If you are not sure, take another look at the card and then close your eyes again.

Get ready to enter the image of the card. See how the image becomes a real and living landscape. 

Can you feel the wind on your face, or is it still? Is it warm… or do you feel cold? 

What can you smell ?

Can you hear something ? 

What can you feel beneath your feet? Are you standing on grass, sand, stones, or maybe in water?

Have a look at the landscape that is surrounding you. How do you feel ?

Start walking around. You can greet any beings that are present, always be polite. You can talk with them about whatever you like. You can ask them about their meaning in the card, you can ask them how they feel, or whatever you want to know about them. 

When you have finished the communication with the beings, give a polite thank you and farewell.

Slowly go back to the point you started from.

Look at the landscape again and see how it transforms itself back to the painted image of your card. In your mind’s eye you can see how you hold your chosen card in your hand. 

Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

You are back in your safe place, and you can see the card in your hand. It is just a printed image.

Know that you can always go back, but know it is time to enter the physical realm again. 

Get yourself something to drink.

Feel your body again.

If you like you can write your experiences down.

I wish you a beautiful day my friend.

Love and Blessings. 

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