If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me 



Ethics ?

I will not give readings for health issues, I am not a doctor and I can not give you a diagnosis, however I can give you a reading how to deal spiritually or/and mentally with health issues. 

I will not give you a reading for a third person, so if you want a reading for a loved one, please send them over here, so they can look for themselves, and that they can make their own choice if they want a reading or not. I just read for people who gives me the permission to read for them. For relationship readings my focus will always be on the person who asked for the reading. 

All information offered by you is kept in the strictest confidence. Your privacy is important to me.


Do you need any information before the Reading ?

Short answer; Yes. The more information you are willing to give me, the more in depth and precise your reading will be. I am not a psychic and I am not a medium. You don't have to test me if I get it right, I really want to focus to bring you guidance and clarity, to empower you and nurture you through my readings. 


Can you predict the Future ?

The cards can show us a possible future, the spread will reveal what will happen if you follow the path that is shown in the cards. But know that you can change your destiny at any time, even right after the reading your future can change, because you may make a different choice, nothing is carved in stone.


What happens after I request a Reading ?

After your request I will contact you via email and we can talk about your question you want to ask. Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right question, feel free to give me any information you want, it will be easier to narrow it down and to give you a helpful reading. I will ask you to send me a recent picture of you, but if you don't want to send me one, that is alright, it is just easier for me to connect with you. After the reading I will delete the picture and nobody else will see it.


How long does it take to receive my Reading

All readings will be sent out within seven days. If you do not receive your reading during this time frame, please check your spam folder and feel free to contact me.


I have questions about my Reading....

Please feel free to contact me after the reading, I would love to know if it was helpful, and if you have any questions about it. I will take time to answer them the best way I can.


Where does my donation goes ?

As I mentioned already in the Get a readinsection, I will forward the donation that you make, to a German organization that takes care of beagles from the laboratories. The laboratories do animal testing, those tests are often about medications like tick and fleas repellants.

The organization is able to get some of the beagles out of there, and they try to find a good home for the dogs. Many years ago, my husband and I have decided to adopt a beagle from there, and it still breaks my heart everyday that I'm not able to adopt more dogs from there. So I've decided to use my Tarot Readings to be able to donate more money to them.

Here you can find their Link, unfortunately it is all in German language.




Which Decks do you use?

I have all kinds of different Tarot and Oracle Decks, I will choose the Decks for your reading intuitively, depending on your question and the energy surrounding it, however, below I will list my decks and if you feel drawn to a deck, you can mention it in your Reading Request, I will take your choice into consideration. Don't be disappointed if I don't use the deck of your choice, as I mentioned already, I will choose the deck intuitively to make sure that I can give you the best possible reading. 

I use Tarot and Oracle cards together in a reading to receive a deeper understanding of the energy you should focus on. However, some people don't like the Tarot Cards, if that is the case, don't hesistate to contact me, I do full Readings with the Oracle Cards as well.


Tarot  Decks:

( from left to right)


-Tarot of the Sidhe

-Tarot of the Hidden Realm

- Green Witch Tarot

- Druidcraft Tarot

- Bonefire Tarot

- Animal Totem Tarot

- Shadowscapes Tarot

- Steampunk Tarot

- Modern Spellcasters' Tarot

- Wild Wood Tarot

- Arthurian Tarot 

- Lord of the Rings Tarot

- Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot


                                                                                   Not in the picture :

                                                                                 -Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

- Beautiful Creatures Tarot 

-Hush Tarot

-Victorian Fairy Tarot

- Forest of Enchantment Tarot

Oracle Cards :

( from left to right)

by Lucy Cavendish :

- Faery Forest Oracle 

- Wild Wisdom of the Faeries Oracle

- Dragonfae Oracle

- Oracle of the Mermaids

- Oracle of the Shapeshifters

- Oracle of Shadow and Light


by Brian Froud :

- Heart of Faerie Oracle

- Faeries Oracle


Earth Magic by Steven Farmer 

Faerie Entchantments by Ian Daniels 

Ceccoli Oracle by Nicoletta Ceccoli


Not in the Picture

- Earth Wisdom Oracle

- Faerytale Oracle

- Raven's Wand Oracle                                          - Faery Blessing Cards