Entering the Faery Realm

                                          Entering the Faery Realm


Hi lovelies, 

Let us explore the first steps you can take to enter the Faery Realm.

Above you can find my video, if you prefer to watch this. 


If you want to enter the Realm of Faery, know that the best way to this, is to open your heart fully, and to trust.

Be ready to expect the unexpected. If your heart is open you will be able to see the Faery realm and the beings that live in it, but be prepared that they may show themselves in unpredictable ways. Don’t run off into the forest and try desperately to see the faeries, as this will close off your perception, better to work on your awareness and stay in a state of wonder. The true path to Faery is through the heart, not your eyes or mind.

Leave behind your distrust and cynicism and your need to prove everything. 

Be light of heart, gather your courage and keep a curious mind when you walk the path of the Fae. 

Many times we heard the stories of how malevolent certain beings are, and how dangerous their world is, let me tell you, as long as you are respectful, and humble, and as long as you  act with common sense you will be safe.

To walk the path of the otherworld is not more dangerous than walking out your door.

However in spirit of full disclosure I want to quote J.R.R. Tolkien here :

„It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,“ he used to say. „ You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to…“

In this sense, be sure to stay alert and to gather knowledge of this realm before you enter, but don't allow fear to take over.

To follow this path, be prepared to spend much more time in nature, go out into a natural environment as often as possible and truly connect to the elements. Explore fire, water, air and earth, and make your own experience with them, what does each element mean to you and how does it effect you ? Is there even an element that you're are afraid of?

When you visit nature, be as present as you can. Stay in the moment and allow yourself to take a break from your busy day. Explore the forest at different times of the year, observe the different plants that are growing in spring, in summer, or in autumn. Visit the woods at different times of the day and observe how the light changes. 

Look out for liminal places, this can be at a riverbank, a fork in a tree, a cave, a bridge, or a crossroad. These places are typical dwellings of the fae. 

How does it feel when you linger at these spots, how does the energy feel around you?  

There are of course the well known places with Fae energy, like Glastonbury Tor, or the stone circles and standing stones, but please know that you can find faery dwellings in every area, seek out your local power spots. 

To walk on the Faery path it is necessary to connect with the land. Learn about the history of the land you are living on, and connect with the spirits of the place. Learn about your local trees and other plants. Dig your hands into the soil you’re are standing on, and feel it between your fingers. How does it smell ? If possible go barefoot through a certain part of the forest or through the grass, you will become more aware of every step you take and you will truly feel the earth beneath your feet. 

The Realm of Faery is connected with the Underworld. To enter the Underworld we must push our awareness downwards into the land. To work with Fae energy in any way, it is essential that we draw our attention away from elevation and raising energy above the head, as this is often only a variant of an outward-seeking trap, instead bring your focus on what is below, the light of the earth itself. Remember all growing things are nourished from below.

Know that our land and planet are alive, and that our spiritual reality derives from this life just as much as our physical realty. There is no distinction between the physical and the spiritual. 

Regular contact with nature is not only important to enhance our connection with faery, but also to keep us grounded. This is an essential part of the work with faery, or truthfully any other spiritual work, so that we can distinguish between real contacts and illusory. 

There are exercises you can use to enter the Underworld, if you are interested, feel free to let me know and I will provide an exercise here on my blog and on my YouTube Channel.

I hope this helps you to make your first steps into the Faery Realm


Much love and Blessings

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