Hi my lovely souls, 

as some of you may know I offer some of my guided meditations and journeys for free on YouTube.

Lately I have bee asked a few times if there is a possibility to listen to them offline.

I am really happy to tell you that I've decided to offer them as an mp3 Download.

 I put a lot of energy and effort into them, so I would be really happy if you could leave me a small donation, and than you can use the meditations offline and as often as you want.

Of course you can just use them over YouTube, so why would you pay for it, right?

By making a donation, I will be able to provide more free content, and you would support my work.

You can use the button below, together with the name of the meditation you want as an mp3 and a small donation and I will send you the track as soon as possible via Dropbox.




Customized Meditations

 I truly love to create a safe and sacred space for you and to take you on a magical journey, so you can leave the everyday behind, just for a little while.

If you want your own personal meditation feel free to  email me, and we can discuss your wishes.

You can choose which kind of music you prefer (you can listen to some of my other meditations and tell me what you like), and you can also choose if you would like Binaural Beats in the background.

After we discussed what kind of meditation you would like, you can make a donation  by using the Donation Button below. I will let you know how much time I need, in general you will receive you customized meditation in seven days. 


So how much shall I donate for a meditation ?

Truly this is up to you;  don't you hate it when somebody says that?!

But I really mean it, it depends on how much my time and effort is worth to you.

I know that my energy is valuable, and that I deserve to get an exchange, but I also think that in the spiritual scene is a lot of money making going on, and I truly just want to help others, without making a business out of it. I don't judge it in any way, and I understand it completely, but it is just not my way.

So everything I do is in my free time, and you can choose how valuable my work is to you.

This is for sure a risky step to take for me, but I simply trust that the right people will find me.

With that being said, I truly hope you enjoy my meditations.


Much Love and many Blessings