For personal reasons my Tarot readings are closed until further notice.


Here you can find the different readings that I am offering.

I offer my readings for a donation.

You can decide for yourself how much the reading is worth for you, and of course it is also dependant on your income. For some people 5€ or 5$ are already a lot and for others 50€ are not a big deal. Please know I will put the same effort in every reading I do, regardless of the amount of your donation.



Little update on the donation :

I don't keep the donation for myself, but I've decided to support an organization that is very important to me.

This organization takes care of beagles who are fortunate enough to come out of laboratories where they have been  tested, mostly on medications. I have a Beagle from there myself, so it is a very important topic for me.

For more information take a look at the FAQ



How does it work to order a reading from you ?


- Click on  the Donate Button, you don't need a PayPal account for this.




- Afterwards leave me a message with the donation if you would like a :


Written Reading - I send you an email with the written reading as a PDF File, and I will also add a picture of the cards 

or a 

Video Reading - I send you an email with a PDF File that contains a Link for an unlisted YouTube Video with your reading


When you leave me a message as you make a donation, let me also know what layout or spread you want for your reading, I will list them below. If you've missed to write me your preferences you can contact me here

Afterwards I will contact you within three days to discuss your question with you. 

In case I don't answer you within three days, please contact me over email, then clearly something went wrong.


Let's move over to the different spreads :


Yuletide Spread

This is a spread for the time around the winter solstice.

It will give you guidance on how to bring your visions for the coming year to life, the best way to focus on your dreams and it will also provide messages from the Otherworld.

Wheel of the Year - Year ahead Tarot & Oracle Reading


This is not your typical Year ahead Tarot Reading. 

This reading is more focused on the energy of the eight festivals, on what you should focus during this time, and advice for the coming year.

I pull a card for each festival, a general energy for the year, and additional 4 oracle cards to give you the best possible advice, and a deeper understanding of possible underlying energies for the upcoming year.

Wild Path Tarot Spread

I've created this spread, to find back to my Wild Self, back to the roots of life.

This spread may be for you if you want to follow the path of the unknown, or if you need to go back to the untamed places. Time to unplug and to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Faery Connection Spread


This is a spread that I've created to help you connect with the Realm of Fae, and to build a relationship with the faeries.

This is an Oracle Card Reading only.


Love Reading


Wether you are single or in a relationship, this is the layout for you, if you have a question about love. I will create a spread for your question or I will choose one of my already existing ones if it fits your situation. 

Spirit Guide


If you want to learn more about your Spirit Guide and you want to find out why he is with you, then this could be an intersting spread for you. This is a five card spread.


Job/ Career


If you want to know what your next step is, or what you should consider on your career path, choose this reading. I will create an individual spread that is right for your question.


Tales of your Whole Self


If you want to know, where you are standing right now and what your soul purpose is, this could be the right spread for you. You could say that this spread is an Energy Check-In Spread and is fitting for general readings.

Past Life Reading


If you want to know, who you were in a past life, and what still has an influence on you from that former life, than this is the right spread for you.


Find your Epic


A spread that is inspired by my travel to Wales.

An Oracle Reading to empower you and to have a look at the foundation of your true epic self, and to explore how you can build up upon this foundation to shine your light and to find your true potential.

Embrace your Wild Self


A spread that I've created to help you find and embrace your wild side, and the primal aspects of yourself. Sometimes we just have to go back to the roots.


Unfolding Tales


You have a question that is not listed here yet ? No Problem, just ask me anything you want, and I will create an individual spread for you.


( I only refuse questions about health, I am not a doctor and I can not give you a diagnosis, thank you for your understanding)

If you have any further questions you can check in the FAQ or feel free to contact me