Lesson Sixteen 

                                   Play in Faery Land





Hi lovely friends of the Faery Realm, 

Last week we had a look at the different divination tools, is there something you use? Did you try the spreads? Or did you even tried a new method? I would love to hear from you.


This week we come to our last chapter of this course, what a journey right?

I really wanted to end this course with a bit of fun, and not taking everything so serious, so let’s dive in into the last lesson. It’s going to be very short and sweet so you have more time to play.

Faery becomes more and more popular in our world, but mostly in a very sweet and cute manner. I never judged this and engage in this as well. Especially in the UK there seem to be more and more Faery Events. A few year ago I was at such an Faery Festival; the 3 Wishes Faery Festival in Cornwall. I loved every minute of it. Everybody was dressed up in beautiful costumes, faces with glitter everywhere and so many wings. And for the men it was the same, so you may have seen some tall long bearded Viking types of men, wearing a tutu, it was fantastic. My hubby also put some glitter in his beard, everything needed a bit of sparkling. 

Never before have I been at a festival where everybody was so warm and welcoming and just overall happy. Even I, the big hermit that I am, engaged in a group activity with a big group hug at the end, so I actually was hugging strangers, me!? Who would have thought…



You can dismiss all this, and just work in a very serious way with the Faeries, but I honestly believe that you are missing out on something. Remember when we discussed in Lesson 13 that it is important to bring enchantment back into our lives? This is definitely a way to do it. 


I’m sure this is not just something that takes place in the UK, even here in slightly stoic Germany there are more and more festivals that include Fantasy. Usually there were always a lot of medieval markets, but often Fantasy was not welcome there ( the Authentic party made sure of that ) but now I think they see that Fantasy is a part that really grows and becomes more popular. Every time I go to an event like this, I see more faeries, fauns, dragons, and other mythical beings.

Dressing up and wearing a mask, can be quite powerful, you can be someone else and bring something hidden in you out to the surface.

You can be who you truly want to be, but others may not be aware of this side of you. Yet when you dress up you can live it out. You can invent yourself new as a faery, just think about what kind of faery you would be and dress accordingly. 

If you want to dress up, it doesn't have to be expensive at all, you can simply alter some of your own clothes, or you can look if you find something that you can change to your needs in a second hand store. Even if you want wings, you don't have to go over budget, you will only need a few cheap hangers and cellophane, and with a good tutorial and a bit of patience you can make your own wings. The internet is definitely your friend to find inspiration for dressing up.




You can also include this in your everyday life, so you don't have to go Faery all the way, maybe it’s just a special eye make up that makes you feel Fae, or a certain way you wear your hair, or a special piece of jewelry. 

If you don't have any events near you that you can attend, you can also make a Faery themed party yourself, maybe a summer barbecue. You can decorate your garden with Faery lights, make everybody wear something Faery, even if it´s only is a cheap wand from the toy store. 

It is of course possible that none of this appeals to you, and that is all right, by all means.

Maybe you have more fun by creating art, being crafty, work with photo manipulation programs, write songs about Faery or just dancing around in the middle of the forest. This can be your way to express you love for Faery in a playful manner. Find something that brings you joy, and that you don't have to be so serious about. The work with Faery is often earnest, so you should find a good balance between fun and work with them; as with everything else in your life as well I would say.

Maybe you want to find other people you can engage with, so if you enjoy Social Media you can look for groups where you can share your love for the Fae. Sorry I can’t give you any suggestions here, as I’m not really into Facebook, but they are definitely out there. 

What else can you think of to bring a bit of fun and whimsy into your Faery Work ?






It’s been a long ride for me to write and create this Faery course, and there were a few moments where I just wanted to take a break because it was so much work. I do all this work in my free time, I don’t have a business connected to this, and I don't earn any money with my readings or my YouTube channel. So yes, sometimes the work for it overwhelms me, but now that I finished it I am beyond happy, that I’ve made this course for all of you, so you have a well structured resource and you have a bit of a guideline to work with the Fae. I have to remind myself that I don't do this for myself, but actually for the faeries, to bring a bit of awareness into the world and to give people a tool so they can work with them as well. 


We started this course with an overview of who or what the faeries are, in the second lesson we started to work with the elements, and for each element I provided you a guided meditation and exercises to connect with it. By the way whenever you feel stuck on your path, always go back to these basic exercises, it will bring your awareness and you can fully be in the here and now. 

We then discussed the liminal time and space, the places where the Fae are dwelling.

Afterwords we discussed sacred places, the energy of the earth and the ley lines, this is for me a very essential part of Faery and I hope you will work with the suggested exercises. Then we discussed the importance of creating a sacred space for yourself and your work.

We also had a brief look at different symbols that you can use in your work with Faery, followed by the important matter of offerings. From there we explored the different tools you can use in the magical practice of your Faery work. 

Finally we made it to the chapter about your Faerie guide and other allies. I really enjoyed getting there, but I found it important to build this course up properly before rushing to this point. 

Before we entered the depths of the Underworld we also had a good look at the dangers that might await us in Faery, and then we journeyed into the Underworld.

With all the experiences you may have made so far, maybe you asked yourself sometimes if it is all real or if you made it all up, for this we also had a discussion how to work with your own doubts.

Then moved to Fantasy and Faery and had a look at the similarities in the real world and what the differences are.

To ease your communication with the Faery beings we also had a brief overview of different divination systems you can use. And so we finally ended up here, at the end where we allow ourselves to take it easy and to play a bit in Faery Land.


I want to thank all those who have supported me during this course, it means the world to me to know I’ve created something that you hopefully find useful.

I wish you all the best

I send you so much Pixie Dust, Love and a thousand Blessings

Let us all celebrate tonight and dance with the faeries


Your Blossom