Lesson Eight






Welcome back dear friend of the Fae.

Last week we explored the symbols and I also provided a little exercise for the Great Glyph.

I hope this went well, feel free to let me know.

In this chapter we will have a look at offerings for the faeries, at first I didn't want to include this in this course, because I talked in previous videos about what and how you can do offerings to the fair folk, and I didn't want to be to repetitive, but it is such an essential part in Faery work that it cannot be left out. Maybe you also missed the previous videos, and so you can always come back to this text.


Before I get into the different offerings I want to mention that if you work with Faery, it is very likely that you will become some kind of a guardian for a piece of land. Take on this role, become aware of your responsibility towards the land, help to heal it and don't pretend that this is none of your business. With this you do already an offering, you can clear the land from garbage on a regular basis, maybe you want to start to feed the birds, become active in green living projects, like planting wild flowers, build an insect hotel, or urban gardening for example. 

I admit these offerings are not mentioned in folklore, but in our time probably more significant and meaningful than putting out a bowl of milk, that we buy in the supermarket from badly treated cows and full of hormones (yes let’s be a little bit judgmental here).

You may ask yourself why should we offer to them in the first place? With offerings you show them your respect and your willingness to work with them, you acknowledge their presence in your life. It is a way to work with them together. The faeries are known to reward those who help and honor them, and this reward often takes form of good luck. However always remember that you should not offer only to get something out of it, they give to those who are generous without expecting something in return. 


What to offer 

The typical offerings for our good neighbors are milk, butter, cream and honey. If you choose to offer these things make sure that they are of high quality and organic. It should be a real offering and not just giving them the last sip from the milk carton. 

Something I always offer for each of the eight festivals is baked goods. In the morning I will take some time to bake something special, wether be it cake, muffins, cupcakes, eclairs, or whatever and the first piece will always go the faeries. For some of the festivals I will also offer them alcohol of some form, this can be ale or whisky, maybe wine, or like me I offer the first sip of Absinth (you know the Green Faery 😉). 

You can also offer them a portion of your meal, however don't just offer them the left overs, it is better to put an extra portion for them on a plate.

However there are also some resources who suggest to offer them the last drop of milk, or the last grain, so how you do this is up to you. 

Sometimes I get asked how much food you should offer, I don't recall anymore where I’ve read it, but it is said you should offer a tenth of a portion of what a man would eat. Personally I probably offer a bit more than this, they always get a whole cupcake.

It is also said that the Other Crowd are not actually consuming the physical item but rather its essence, so put a bit of love in it. 

You may want to choose a special glass and a special plate, that you only use for offerings, that only belongs to the Fae. 

Another offering I make to them is fruits and vegetables from my garden. They always get the first apple, strawberry, tomato, potato or whatever we've planted. As they are of great help in my garden they deserve the first fruit or vegetable. 

When you offer food you can leave it for 24 or 48 hours, any remaining physical food should than be removed, you can bury, burn, or dispose the remains after that. 

Put some thoughts into your offerings, think about your strengths and how you can incorporate them into your offerings. 

You can also make a special incense for them and use this as an offering to them.

Other offerings could be a song, maybe you want to write something yourself and sing it to them at your sacred place or whenever you are in nature. If you have difficulties to come up with something, you can also find some inspiration on YouTube for example. Or you just sing your favorite song to them, in the end they really don't care so much about the lyrics. I often only sing a melody, with a few la-di-leys in between. Faeries love music so a song from your heart is a wonderful offering. They also love to dance, so whenever you are outside just dance with them in their realm, be free, be playful, don't be afraid to look silly, they don't care and they will love the energy you're sending out while dancing. You can also write a poem, draw or paint a special piece of art, maybe you are good with sculpting, so you could use those skills to make an offering. 

There are different opinions about to offer cut flowers or not, and it is not my place to tell you what to do, I can only say that during a journey work into Faery I was clearly told not to cut flowers. I did mention this in an earlier video about Faery and for me it just doesn't make sense to kill something that the faeries take care of. However I also saw that many others who work with the Fae do offer cut flowers, or leave them at sacred sites. At this point I am actually very curious about what you think about this, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Other offerings could be coins, silver, or gold, maybe a piece of jewelry or other shiny things, if they don't clutter the environment (obviously not a fit offerings at sacred sites). 

Another possibility is the offering of blood, saliva, tears, or menstrual blood. There is a lot of discussion about this kind of offering and some are saying that you should never offer something of yourselves as you give away your energy signature and it can be used against you. This kind of offering is a great act of trust, so think carefully about it. But it also forms a very powerful physical link with the land and the spirits, but you have to know yourself if you can maintain that link and commitment. 


Where to offer

If you start making offerings chose a special spot in your home. In older times offerings were often made at the hearth, nowadays most of us don't have a hearth, so you might want to choose the kitchen instead. Otherwise you can also make the offerings at you Faery shrine or altar if you like, but if you have pets, make sure they can’t take the offerings. I have two dogs and a cat, so I have a spot in my living room that is high enough so they can’t reach it. Especially offerings of food can be dangerous to them, like chocolate for example.

Always make the offerings at the same spot.

If you make offerings outside be aware that animals are likely to take the food, so again don't put anything outdoors that can be dangerous to the wildlife. If you offer any kind of liquids it is best to pour it directly into the ground.

Make sure your offerings leave no debris and under no circumstances spoil a sacred site.


When to offer

The most important thing is to make regular offerings. 

At the beginning you may want to offer only for the festivals and that’s fine. The most important Festivals for the Fae are Beltaine, Midsummer, and Samhain.

You can also offer on a monthly basis, for example for the full moon, or new moon if you prefer.

Another traditional time to make offerings are Fridays, it was believed that the good neighbors were especially active on this day of the week and so you could also choose to make Faery Fridays. 

Be aware when you offer regular and then suddenly stop it can bring bad luck, so be sure of the commitment you make and be certain you are willing to continue with it. 


Your Faery Homework

Start thinking about how, when and what you want to offer to the Fae


- If you chose to commit to make regular offerings start this tradition while working on this lesson


- If you do offer already to the Fae, think of a very special offering you can make to them, as a sign of your deep appreciation for them