Lesson Ten 

               Connecting with your Faery Guide





In the hollows of quiet places we may meet, the quiet places where neither moon nor sun, but only the amber lights and pale gold that comes from the hills of the heart. There, listen at times: there you will call, and I hear: there will I whisper, and that whispering will come to you as dew is gathered into the grass, at the rising of the moon. 

- „The Hour of Beauty“ by Fiona Macleod 



Hi my lovely Faery Friend, 

I hope you had a wonderful week and that you are ready to meet your Faery Guide.

In the previous lessons we built a solid foundation and I really hope that the different chapters inspired you, to do a little bit of research on your own. 

With this foundation I think you will be able to move confidently forward and take the next step.

It is time for you to meet your Faery Ally, or Faery Guide. 

Maybe you think that you don't need a guide, but the Realm of the Fae is quite vast and may be confusing at times, this ally will be at your side to show you around and he will also be able to protect you and he will also give advice on how you can interact with the many different beings you will encounter. You can think of it like this; you wouldn't necessary go into a strange land without any guidance, no GPS, no maps, or no idea how the different villages are called, your Faery Guide can be of assistance to navigate you through the unknown realms.

In this chapter we are going to do more journey work and I want you to be open and ready to enter a world in between; some things may be different, other things may be the same, but whatever or whoever you will meet, always be respectful. Don’t make any promises you cannot keep and use your common sense, and if something doesn't feel right, know that you can leave at any time.

I don’t want anybody to rush into this, it is important to know ourselves before we enter other realms. This is why I think it is important to take your time with lesson six, creating sacred space, which is not just about creating a sacred space without, but also within. So if you've skipped this part I would suggest to go back and to take your time with this lesson.

We must know the many voices in our head, we must work and confront our inner demons.

Orion Foxwood puts this nicely in his book „Faery Teachings“


„If the seeker is unwilling to do this work, then why should the Faery Beings(….) trust us?“

The Faery path holds spiritual healing and great wisdom, but you have to look closely into the mirror and embrace what you see."


In this chapter we will not enter the Faery Realm as such, but a place just before, or just above the Underworld, depending on your viewpoint. We will discuss the Underworld in a future lesson in more detail.

We will enter this place with the help of a guided journey.

A while back I've created this guided journey for you




For this journey I first used a technique to bring you into a deeper meditative state, followed by the visionary technique what we discussed before. I used the image of going deeper into the earth and finding a meeting place between the worlds where faeries and humans can connect with each other. 


But I also want to give you another journey, so you can try out a variation and then use the one you prefer, or you can also alternate and use them both. You will find the new journey at the end of this chapter.


When I put this first journey out, I didn't give any instructions on how you can work with it, and for the most part it was probably seen as a nice guided meditation and used for relaxation, and even thought there is nothing wrong with that,(I mean seriously I love to offer anything that might quiet the mind chatter), it is actually a great tool and portal to enter a liminal place, that place that exists between the world of Faery and the world of humans. This is a perfect spot to meet your allies of the Otherworld, you're not fully in the Faery Realm yet, but you’re also no longer in the human world, you can meet as equals in the betwixt and between. 

This lesson is not so much about what I can write about Faery Guides, but about what you might experience.

However I would like to give you some tips with this kind of journey.


I will use the image of the crossroads for this new journey, this is one of my favorite images to create that world in between. I will also talk about the seven directions, east, south, west, north, above, below, and within. We saw these directions already in the previous lesson for the symbols with the Faery Star. R.J. Stewart uses this method as well and it works wonderful for me, so I truly hope it will work for you as well. If you build your journey up like this it will give you a sense of place and a sense of your true home, which is neither here nor there, but at the center.

Before you do this journey make sure you are in a safe place and make sure not to get disturbed. 

You may also want to ground yourself for this kind of work before and after, this doesn't have to be a long exercise, just draw some earth energy up into your body and you're good to go.

Unfortunately this practice is often neglected, but the work with Faery is definitely an earth based practice so ground and center yourself regularly.


When you do this journey don't analyze the images you see or the messages you receive, just be open and trust the process, your intellectual brain is definitely a buzz killer when it comes to journey work, and you can analyze later when you're done as much as you like… or not. 

You might see many different beings of the Faery Realm, the first time I did this exercise I connected with a dragon, so again be open to whatever may come, maybe your Faery Guide is an animal, maybe it is a cute flower faery, maybe it looks more like a stone giant.

Faeries can take many different forms, and they will choose something you understand and that makes sense to you. There are often discussions about how faeries look like, and we just can’t give a clear answer to that, because everybody will have different experiences. 

In my journey that I will offer I will give you enough time to communicate with the beings and a bell that rings three times will be you call back sign.


Another thing I really want to mention is that it is important to do this exercise more often.

R.J. Stewart suggests in his book to do this crossroads exercise at least everyday for seven days, but ideally for thirty days, a full moon cycle; and not only to do it every day but also to do it at the same time each day. 

Now I have to admit that this is exactly something I cannot stand, a rigid structure, I don't have a regular work time, and my life is busy, so it is hard for me to fit something like this in every day.

However as I was serious about it, and I really wanted to get somewhere when I started many years back, I’ve made sure to try it at least for a week.

For seven days I put aside twenty to thirty minutes each day at the same time, and I did the crossroads meditation. I can only recommend to do this, the results were amazing and I was able to connect deeply with the beings I’ve met in this place. In the end I did it for a longer time, I don't recall anymore for how long, but it was definitely worth it. It shows the Fae that you are truly committed and they can trust you, so I would suggest to start this exercise when you know you can do this regularly. I know, sometimes it’s hard, but maybe you are even somebody that doesn't have a problem at all with this and it will be easy for you. 

Now, when you meet your Faery Guide you might want to ask him/her a few questions, you can ask how to call him/her, you can ask if they want to be your guide, or you can ask them if they want to show you around the different realms at the crossroads. They may offer you advice and you can even discuss how you want to work with them in the future. Always listen to them carefully.


As a last note I also want to urge you to write everything you experience down in you Faery Journal. It doesn't have to be a detailed retelling of every step you took, just a few notes and prompts will do. But those experiences and visions fade so easily, the everyday kicks in again and it is really easy to forget. It is also nice to go back to early entries some days, and to see the progress you've made throughout your Faery work. 

Now I will stop writing here, because as I mentioned I want you to make your own experiences in this lesson, so here you can find your Guided Journey to Connect with your Faery Guide

If you want to share any of your experiences with me, I would be happy to here from you, so feel free to contact me.


Here is the new video for your Guided Journey to meet your Faery Guide 


coming soon.....





Your Faery homework

- Do the Crossroad Journey as often as possible


- Establish a relationship with your Faery Guide


- Give yourself some love and take care of your well-being