Lesson Thirteen 

                Is it all real ? When doubt creeps in





Hi my dear friend of the Fae,

I hope you had great experiences visiting the Underworld, I would love to hear from you.

We came to a crucial point in this course, the following lessons are more of a discussion than actual lessons where I can „teach“ you something. If you have started visiting the Underworld on your own, you will be able to work the path of Faery all by yourself. You will have the assistance of your guides and allies, and you will make your own unique experiences.


So for this week we will have a look at an important question: „Is it all real or do I imagine it?“

This question is not easy to answer and in the end only you can answer it yourself, but let’s explore this topic a little bit.

When you meditate a lot, or if you do a lot of journeys without having a good connection to the land it can lead to difficulties in sensing what is real contact and what is illusion. That is why it was so important for me to describe you the work with the earth and its energies. I said it already and I will repeat myself again and again, it is so important to ground yourself, and to be present. Very often we can observe how people seem to float, they drift off into a world of illusion, high on their spirituality, which is really just a lack of grounding, and they probably also got a lot of false information. Unfortunately, and I know I don't make many friends with this statement, the New Age community is so full of half truths, victim blaming, and sheer nonsense, but they know how to sell it. Before I go on a rant about many problems in that community, I just will advise you that if in doubt, and you have the feeling you cannot distinguish between realty and illusion,  go back to the basics and work with the elements. Stop your journey work for a while, and focus solely on you work with your natural environment, unplug for a while and become present in the here and now. 


I also want to say that if you doubt your experiences, or you feel insecure about them, I’m actually a person who applauds you, because you don't accept everything without questioning. To question yourself, your path, your mentors, and even your own visions just shows that you are a seeker of the truth, you are maybe even a sceptic, and you don't take your path lightly, and for the I want to congratulate you.


But here we are not knowing what realty truly is, and especially nowadays this question is often asked. Theories run wild about our world as it is, are we all just players in a massive computer simulation? Is the evolution theory wrong? Did aliens put us here on earth? Are we living in a multiverse? 

I don’t know if you have ever seen this YouTube movie, but there is this sort of documentary about an alternative history of mankind. It is definitely food for thought and even if you don't agree with it, it is an interesting theory. You can find it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swe3EOKCbFI&t=145s



If you think you can answer those questions you may ask yourself about the concept of deities; did they exist before us, or did we create them? Maybe you belief in the One creator, may it be God, the Universe, or again Aliens. 

So to answer the questions if Faery is real, you have to ask other things as well, and so this chapter will not leave you satisfied I guess. 

It really depends on how you see the world, how open minded you are, can you overcome the logical side of your brain? By that I don't mean not to use your intellect anymore, please keep that going, but to understand Faery, or any other concept of an Otherworld, you have to be open and understand with your heart, as facts and scientific evidence is hard to come by for this topic.

I have to admit I was very often in doubt, and I still am at times, I don't necessarily just question Faery, but the whole existence. My left side of the brain is definitely more often in charge, and yet there are a few things that I don't doubt…Atlantis and Lemuria for example, I don't know how I can explain that now, but as it doesn't have anything to do with the Faery topic as such, I will just leave it at that. 


We also often hear, read, or being told that your perception is the truth, and it only matters what you think. To a degree that’s actually a good thing, it prevents you from religious dogma, being trapped by some Guru’s teachings and so on, but perception is not realty. So there might be some problems here. I’ve seen some people being so utterly disillusioned, believing so strongly in their own creations of a world of their own, that it is actually sad to watch.


However if you walk the Faery path this shouldn't happen to you, as you will be strongly connected with the here and now and with both of your feet firmly on the earth. 

I feel like there is at least one person smirking over this statement. The Faery theme is still a topic that isn't being taken seriously in any way. I blame some well known people for that, no names though.


It is a world, a dimension, another realm that is hard to grasp, and mostly failed to explain, I probably failed you as well in this matter. Telling you that you must understand it with your heart, doesn't make it easier, I’m well aware of that. However if you are reading this, you are either a strong believer or you see at least the possibility that there could be something going on between the worlds. 

It may help you to understand that the Faery Realm is more fluid and less fixed than our physical world, and our own filters will definitely influence how we see them, as they appear as something that makes sense to us, something that we can understand. It is also important to know that time does not exist outside of our known universe, or so tells us physics, so that’s why we read over and over again that time acts so differently in Faery.

If you doubt that you've made contact with a being, you may ask yourself if you received messages that you would like to hear? If an otherworldly being tells you exactly what you would think or what you hoped for, it is possible that you’ve made it up, even if it seemed real, our minds can create powerful images, and in general you can say that the Fae are not overly concerned about our well-being, by that I mean they are not very interested that you had a stressful day. Always remember they work together with you for a mutual goal, not just to make you feel good. Of course it is possible that they will help you with everyday concerns, but for that you need to have already a strong relationship with them and they will expect something in return, but you know that by now, don't you? 

One of the problems that many people have, is that they are always looking for help from an outside force, may it be a god, the angels, the faeries, or maybe even some extra terrestrial fellows. They give away their responsibility and become passive in a blind faith which will not serve them.

It is a form of escapism, but the bad kind, and we will tackle this topic further in the next lesson.

It is something that I sadly have to observe often in the Faery community as well. This is actually again a tricky path to take as it often does end in illusions and self-deception, and especially the Faery path, as such an earth based practice, shouldn't lead to this.


Again, I had my doubts as well sometimes, and still sometimes do, for example when I receive messages exactly as I would phrase them, I will doubt if the contact was real. However I also had many true encounters, where I have no doubts at all and where in my heart I know they were real. On the other hand, maybe I’m just a big nut job as well, who really knows.


What I also want to mention that we have to keep in mind that belief will evolve constantly, as we can clearly see how the Faery Faith changed over the last, let’s say two hundred years.

The Faery Realm and its inhabitants are especially tricky to understand, there are many contradictions, many opinions, all lot is demonized by religion, or it is fully watered down by a new movement. At this point I want to quote Morgan Daimler in her book „Fairies: A guide to the Celtic Fair Folk“


„The more you seek to study Fairy the more you begin to understand that every answer is a contradiction and every truth has its equally true opposite. It is a maddening maze to work through trying to find your way to solid answers, and at some point you will realize that in this case at least it really is the journey that has value, not the destination.“


Sometimes we may feel the urge to ask them to send us a sign, to prove that they are with us, or listen to us, you probably will not receive one in an instant as they don't perform on command.

So you have to ask yourself do you need prove to accept its existence?

Advice you will often be given is, not to get the idea that just because it is „only“ in your mind that it is not real. If you create something for yourself in your mind it will be real. 

What are your thoughts on this?

If you truly want to experience Faery, you have to open yourself to enchantment. We lost the sense of wonder and magic, and by magic I mean the magic of our natural world. We need to embrace the moments of true joy again, instead of rushing it passed us.

You can be as skeptical as you like, but if you want to work with faeries and you want to belief in them you have to be willing to believe that magic and enchantment still exist, and you can still engage with it.


Book mentioned in the video :


"Where Science and Magic Meet" by Serena Roney-Dougal PhD 




Your Faery Homework

- Keep doing your Underworld Journey


- Lay back and see the world through a veil of enchantment