Lesson 6 

             Sacred space, Faery Altar & Power Place


Hi my lovely faery souls, 

I hope you had fun exploring the previous lesson and I would love to hear about your experiences, so feel free to email me if you like.

For this next lesson we will have a look at how we can create our own sacred space, how to build an altar, and we will explore how to use our dowsing rods to find our power center.


To create a sacred space, or a sanctuary for ourselves, and possibly the Fae, we have to start with ourselves, we need to find the quiet place within us. We need to free ourselves from mind clutter.

Everybody has their own way to de-clutter their mind, and I’m not necessarily talking about very spiritual actions now. For example, when my thoughts are all over the place, and everything becomes very disorganized, the first thing I will do is to make lists, not just a to-do list, but I will write down everything that is distracting me at this time. This will give you some space again. 

It is also important to regularly review how you spend your time. Reflect on what is absolutely necessary for you to do and where you can allow yourself to take a break and do something for yourself.

Give your mind a rest every day, this means no TV, not reading a book, no Internet, not any kind of problem solving. Just allow yourself everyday to take a moment to look at the trees, to observe the clouds, to feel the wind. Just give your mind a few minutes a day to completely zone out, and you will be more refreshed when you get back to work. Another good way to de-clutter your mind is to laugh, laugh often, may it be with friends, or if you are alone you may want to watch a comedy, play with your pets and laugh with your whole being. Another idea is to exercise, this will help you quickly to clear your thoughts. Do something that you really love and that fits your fitness level. There are many more options, I’m sure you can think of something.

So after we cleared our mind, we may also want to de-clutter our space, especially the space you want to use as your sanctuary.

Clean the space from scratch and get rid of everything you don't need or use anymore. Bring a fresh wind into your space. 

Sanctuaries are places of safety and protection. They don't have to be large and you can create them in your own home, your garden, or outside in nature, in a forest, a park, the beach, a mountain. It should just be a place that is easily accessible for you, and that you can visit on a regular basis. For many of us this is probably a space in our own home. 

First we need to understand what a sacred space is, and what it is not. It is a place where we can go when we need a respite from daily life, or any kind of obstacles; it is not necessarily a place to perform rituals, it can be, but it really doesn't have to be. It is a place where we can become still for a moment. It is a place where we can distance ourselves from the many distractions in our life. 

A sanctuary is a place where you are free to be your true self, you don't have to wear a mask, you don't have to impress anyone, and you don't need anybody’s approval.

Now think about where you want to set up your special place. If you’re lucky you can use an entire room in your house for this purpose, or you may only have the possibility to use a small corner of the house, which works just as fine. Make this place yours. If this is possible you can set up a small table, with a few things that you like, maybe find visual stimulation, like a symbol for example that we will discuss in the next lesson. Find something that represents you, this could be a stone that you found, flowers, a candle, a figurine, a painting, maybe even a stuffed animal, there are no rules, it is your space. A good idea is to set this sacred space in the most quiet corner of your house. But we also have to learn to tune the noise out, unless you live alone in a lonely cottage in the forest, with no other soul around for miles, chances are that there will be noise around you.

Accept that you may never be able to tune out all the noise, and this is okay, you just have to tune out some noise.

If you want to be in your space and you can’t tune out the noise, you can use headphones and listen to some repetitive music, something that doesn't distract you. You can also listen to nature sounds or to binaural beats. Whenever I need to shut out the world around me I use binaural beats, I have to admit I’m unable to tune out noise, for a long time I would beat myself up over this, and kept saying to myself that I should be able to do that, but by simply putting on my headphones with something that may sound like white noise to some, I’m able to attune to my inner realm, so why not use it?

Don’t set your exceptions to high when you just start out on visiting your sacred place. In the beginning it is more than enough to simply enjoy a time of Being and to appreciate a sense of contentment and protection within this space. 

Remove your mask when you enter your sanctuary, this may take some time, and it may not happen all at once, you can do this a little at a time. The purpose of your own sacred space is self recovery. We often have to show a mask to others, and that’s not all bad, but it is important that you don't forget that the mask is not the real you. 

Sit for a while and think about how others see you, and then about how you see yourself. There will be differences, and I have to admit I can sometimes not understand at all the perception of others and how they see me. That’s when you think about how the differences came about. Here it shows where your mask isn't in tune with your true self. Write your own observations down. 

After you get used to visiting your space at a regular basis confront and explore your emotions, this is a safe environment to do this, you may just sit still and contemplate or you may want to use different meditation techniques to do this, this is entirely up to you. Know that there is no one who judges you in this sanctuary, so please don't start to judge yourself. Not all feelings are pleasant, and we learn early on to suppress most of them, so take this opportunity and dive deeper into your emotional realm. You can take notes, or you may want to draw, write poems or songs. Keep everything in this space, don't take it out to show to the rest of the word, this is just for you. 


Now let’s move on to the Faery Altar. You can use your sacred space to put up a Faery Altar or a shrine, or you use a complete different place. Let me explain briefly the difference between those two things. For me an altar is a space where I can work on. This means on my altar I want to be able to do card readings for myself, to do a ritual, to prepare my herbs and to create incense mixes, to make my magical oils; and so on. Many times when I see people showing their altars, there are so many things on it, that it would be impossible to do these tasks, and that’s fine, but then I would say it is more of a shrine. A shrine for me, is more of a place of worship, where I will put representations of a deity, or a representation of Faery, depending on the purpose of it. It is smaller and I will probably not do any practical work on it. 

I have a small Faery shrine in my bedroom, I only have a few stones on it, feathers, a figurine, a candle and sometimes my crystal ball.




I’ve made a video about this a long time ago, how I build it, so I won’t repeat this here. In case you're interested I will leave you the link here


Here I will sometimes just sit quietly, meditate put my card of the day on it, or I practice scrying. 

But an altar can also be something temporary. For a long time I just used my dinner table, and still do so from time to time. You can set up a few things that are important to you, and remove them when you are done with your work. 

You could also have a wooden plate for example, decorate it the way you want and keep it somewhere safe. This has the advantage that you can take it with you where've you like, so maybe in winter you keep it in the house, and when it gets warmer outside you can take it in your garden for example. Just as I am writing this I actually looked up travel altar in YouTube and there are already many videos, so maybe you can find some inspiration there.

I’m fortunate enough to have a spare room in my house, where I can also put up an altar. This is the space where I work, where I do rituals, card readings, or spell work. 




To keep the space sacred, and again no matter if just a small corner in your space or an entire room, it is important to cleanse it on a regular basis. How you do this is up to you. The most popular method is to smudge your space. Most people will use sage, and I like to use it as well. I grow a lot of herbs myself, so I will always have a good collection of dried herbs at hand.

For the most part I will burn the herbs on a piece of charcoal. 

I will often use a mix of different herbs to clear and cleanse a room, and to bring in the desired energy. 

I will give you here a very, very brief list of a few different herbs and their meanings, but if you want to work with it yourself I encourage you to find your own correspondences.



Fruit and blossom symbolizes love, beauty and immortality. 

Connection to Avalon.You can use dried apple for incense mixes, or you can use the dried blossoms for incense or love sachets. 

The vibrational essence removes negative or unclean energies, heals self-disgust, shame, and poor body image. Heals sexual issues, and can help to connect to the source and Otherworldly energies.



You can use the dried bark or leaves to burn as an incense for love spells or cleansing and purification. 

It can also be used to invoke protection and banishment of the darkness. 

As a vibrational essence it brings hope and innovative thinking. 

Clarifies thoughts and gives courage to move from stagnant circumstances. 



If you burn the dried leaves you can attract money into your life. 

Grounding energy and helps to keep healthy boundaries. 

As a vibrational essence it stirs up energy to get on with difficult tasks. Teaches the pleasure of harvesting your own work. 



Dried leaves are used at threshold times for clearing negativity.

Elder blossoms also attracts faeries and other nature spirits. 

Elderflower water charged in the full moon for beauty spells and connecting with the goddess and the Faery Queens.

Carry elder berries for protection against evil. 


Grapefruit Mint

As other mints it helps to clear the mind and can also be used for clarification and purification if burned as an incense. It eases stiffness and helps to relax the muscles. It can release strong emotions and brings happiness.



Purifies the room and enhances psychic abilities.

It also brings calmness into your room.


Lemon Balm

Helps with melancholy and makes the heart merry. It is also helpful to sharpen your concentration.



Burn as an incense to calm personal stress and household upheavals. It also attracts the fairies.



For purification and protection. It attracts elves, and is a protective herb against hexes. 

Rosemary enhances awareness and increases magic and psychic powers. 

It also attracts faeries but keeps the evil spirits away. 



It cleanses and can also be used for protection. If you burn sage it provides focus, stability, and clairvoyance. You can also burn it at funerals to help to relieve grief. 



It is a purifying herb but also gives courage and energy. 

It cleanses from negative emotions and is used to purify a ritual space



Once in a while I will also feel the need to cleanse the surfaces with a specially prepared water. Here you could also infuse the water with different herbs, personally I like to use different essential oils, I don't have many, but here is an example of my own mix when I want to clean the room even more thoroughly.


Cedar Wood Oil

Useful for creating sacred space. It relaxes the mind and body. It gives you access to the Otherworld and helps you to focus on your magical intent.


Grapefruit Oil

Gives an uplifting energy to the room. Also helps for self-love and accepting your body.

Increases stamina and reduces mental and physical fatigue.


Lavender Oil

Calming, healing and purifying. It restores the balance, heightens awareness and eases tension.



Increases your physical energy and purifies the room. An overall uplifting oil. 

It can reduce stress, and fatigue. 



Brings tranquility and calming energy. It balances emotions and helps to boost your creativity.

Can also be used for dreamwork and astral travel.


These are just a few examples with a very short description, but it may give you a bit of inspiration to start to make your own incense mixes, or oils.


Another thing you could use, and is available for everyone is salt. I’m pretty sure that most of you are aware of the cleansing and purifying abilities of salt, so I won’t go into deeper explanation.


Another method for clearing a space, is to use sound. Maybe you have a singing bowl at home, then I'm sure you know already how to use it. If not and if that is something you are interested in I will explain how you can use a singing bowl to cleanse a room. Carry the bowl in your hand on its cushion, using the mallet in your other hand to circle the bowl. Walk from the center of the room to the door and walk in a clockwise fashion ( moving clockwise gives energy). Alternately, you can place the singing bowl on a table and strike it there and make it sing, allowing the vibrations to move out into the room. If you want to clear your own energies, you can hold the bowl while standing in clear sunlight and absorb the healing sounds.

You could also use drums to clear a space. The beat of the drum will help to break up stored energy. You just need to beat it at a steady rhythm while you work clockwise through your room.

Other possibilities would be chanting, playing Didgeridoo, wind chimes, rattles, healing bells, gongs and so on.

If you have no tools you can also just use your hands. Just clap your hands while moving through the room, focus on the thresholds like doorways, to break up stored energy.


So you see, there are many options for you to keep your sacred space and yourself clear and full of fresh energy.

Please be conscious about how you treat your sacred space, and be aware of who you invite in. So many of us share their pictures, their rituals and their sacred work on social media, even share it as videos. Now, I’m active in social media as well, otherwise you would have no idea who I am, but I still find it very important to have a strict set of boundaries about what I share and what not. In truth I’m a very private person, and I’m very aware of each and every word I share with others via social media, I rarely show my altar, and be sure I never share an actual ritual, not as a picture and not as a video, if you find something like that on my channel I did recreate it. Often people discuss this as not being authentic, but it has nothing to do with that, I’m just not as transparent as some people want me to be. The work in my sacred space is private, I wouldn't share this with family or friends, and I’m definitely not sharing it with strangers on the internet, because I have no idea who is watching. There are only a handful of people who comment regularly, and I don't know anything about the rest of the viewers. 

Some of you may have a different viewpoint on this topic, and that’s fine, but for the time you work on this lesson I want you to keep you sacred space top secret. Don’t share pictures, don't set it up as somebody else would see it, just be real and true to yourself for a time. Maybe your altar will not look as tidy as before or nothing changes because you don't share it anyway.

You also don't need a cellphone with you in sacred space, just enter it in a pure state.


Let’s move on to a different topic now, and for many this might not be very interesting, but maybe some of you will have an interest in this. I’m talking about building your own stone circle. 

So if you have a garden and a bit of room, this might be for you.

I’m not talking about huge stones where you need a digger to set them up, although if you have the option to do this, go ahead. 

Before you start collecting stones, think about why you would like to build a stone circle, what are your intentions, how to you want to work with it?

Then you need to think about what the best place for a stone circle is, for this you can also connect with the spirit of the place for guidance. 

Here you can see my own small stone circle.



It is in front of my door, as I have a small garden and so I had to use small stones I couldn't have them on the lawn, because every time we would mow the lawn we would have to remove the circle. So I’ve decided to put it in front of the house.

My intention was that this circle will protect our house and its inhabitants.

Each stone was picked by me from nearby forests, (by the way, that’s actually illegal, just saying…but I asked the woodland sprites, they were okay with it) and activated.

Send your intention in each stone, listen to the stone itself, maybe it has already a certain vibration for protection, healing, love, balance, and so on. 

Then place them in their final position and activate the circle.

Take some time to do that, you can do a little ritual, with drumming, chanting, and offerings for example. You can activate the circle by visualizing a ring of light circling clockwise, connecting the stones with each other. Dedicate and honor the circle as a sacred site and begin to work with it. Invite the spirit of the place and the faeries to this ritual. You can dedicate it to the Fae if you feel drawn to. Keep this circle free of debris and care for it in a respectful manner.

Let’s have a look at another exercise that we can do in our home



Finding Power Centers 

So let’s try one last exercise for this lesson. In every home is at least one small tributary of earth energy, but usually there are more, and Hamish Miller called the most significant one the Power Center. Of course you find these power centers also at sacred sites, but for this exercise we will focus to find it in your home or garden. 

To find the power center in your home you just have to think about where the focus lies in the house. Maybe you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or the main activity is in the living room. That is the place where it is most likely to find your Power Center. Take your rods (you also can use only one rod) or your pendulum and observe where the rods cross, or the pendulum swings. This Power Center takes the form of a spiral, so move around and mark the spots of crossing.  

If you like you can now send your love and positive energy into this place, or maybe you want to lit a special candle, burn incense etc. After that you can do this exercise again and see if the power center has expanded. 


Your Faery Homework 

Create your own sacred place

While you are within your sacred space write down how you see yourself and how others see you, find the   differences and contemplate how you can be more true to yourself.

- Create a Faery shrine, or an altar, either within your sacred space, or somewhere else, this is your choice. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Make it your own.

- Practice the suggested exercise 

- Keep everything you do in sacred space private for a while