Another Life Update


Hi lovelies, 

I sometimes like to use my blog for personal life updates, that I wouldn't necessarily share on YouTube.

So I thought I could share a few things that are going on in my life right now with you.

A while back I had to close my readings for a few weeks, I didn't have the energy to offer them at the time, and frankly I was really depressed; I usually don't share these things, but I really had a hard time.

However, it gave me also the opportunity to reflect and to evaluate my life choices and to think about what needs to change.

So since a few months I am on a healing journey. Especially the last weeks I shifted my focus so much towards myself, and I would even say I may act a little bit selfish lately., putting myself first ( after my pets of course...lol). 

I take much better care of my body, by making better diet choices and starting to exercise much more, I take more care about my mental health, by allowing myself much more rest and overall better work/fun balance and I take much more time for my own spiritual practices. 

For many this might be normal, but I also know that many of us struggle with this. 

To be clear, I didn't went through a major life change, I just tweaked around a bit, but there is a weird shift happening at the moment. 

I often mentioned how I struggled to accept myself, especially my body, but the further I walk the path of this healing journey the more I started to accept my body and my appearance as what it is. I will never be perfect, none of us are, and suddenly this is okay. 

For the longest time I was always hiding behind the camera for my videos, but since a couple of weeks I started to do videos with me in front of it, and until now I have every intention to share them. 

My first one will be up in a couple of days, so I have no idea how my subscribers will react to this, and I do have trolls every now and then on my channel, so I'm still pretty nervous about this, but it feels right to do it anyway. Still possible that every bit of confidence I've built up over the last weeks, will be destroyed within a day, but let't stay positive for now.


Another thing that I've started at the beginning of the year is a 30 day Yoga challenge.

I do yoga for many years now, but I was never really consistent with it. I mostly did it only once a week and sometimes a month nothing at all. When I started to drive bicycle last summer, I also thought that this would be enough exercise. However it is winter now, the bike is standing warm and cozy in the cellar and I've missed the exercise, sure I have a home trainer, but it's really not the same.

While I felt really down and sad, I searched for Yoga Videos for depression and than I found a channel that I really liked and a yoga practice I can really relate to. The channel is Yoga with Adriene

She has a lot of content and also a few 30 days challenges, currently I'm participating in Yoga Camp

I'm only at day nine now, but the simple practice to show up for yourself each day, and to allow this time for yourself has a huge impact on my current journey.

Today was the first day I really wasn't in the mood to go on the mat. I haven't slept for two days, and I had quiet a headache this morning, so I know I'm not going to be very productive today. But I did went through the program and I feel so much better now, especially because I didn't have to go through it, but again, I allowed myself to practice. The routines are not too exhausting and she has a good balance between letting you work and letting you rest, so I'm very positive at this moment that I'm going to manage the 30 days, and than whatever comes afterwards.


I hope you all have a wonderful day

Many blessings from a cheerful soul 

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