Life Update

Hi lovelies, 

it’s been a while since a wrote a blog post.

I had so much to do with my Faery Course, my YouTube Videos, and my work, that I simply couldn’t find the time to write anything else anymore.

Anyhow, today I write this post to let you know that I’m going to step back from my Tarot Readings for a while.

Recently I got some really bad news about my cat’s health and it caught me completely off guard. I’m still in shock, and her wellbeing is my uttermost priority at this time.

I'm not in the right space right now to offer support and guidance.


Over the last two years I gave so much of my time and energy to the community and I never asked for something in return, even the donations are not for me, but to help an organization who helps dogs from laboratories.

Now I see that this just really takes a toll on me.

To be honest I don’t think I have much to give anymore at this time. I’m simply tired and worn out, which is quite hard for me to admit.

I’m going to take a break at this time, taking things much slower and take much more care of my family and myself. 

For my YouTube Channel, I still have a few videos that are ready to upload, and after that I have to see how I feel.

I love making videos, it’s how I can express myself in a beautiful creative way, but the pressure that sometimes come with it, is just not the best part.

I never saw myself much of a member of the community, simply because I have a very different take on many things, and I do things very different. I’ve never been very popular on YouTube, because I don’t like making videos about favorite decks, witchy hauls, or altar tours. I also don’t watch a lot of other videos, simply because I don’t have the time for it. The kind of videos I make, take a lot of time; starting with going outside, filming for a day or two, editing, color correction and finding the right music. So you see to make one video it can take up to two or three days, depending on my schedule. This takes of course my time away to just simply watch videos.

There also seems to be a lot of drama lately, and I truly don't want to be a part of this. It doesn't feel like a community at the moment.


I'm still going to work on my Faery Course, maybe not every lesson will have a video, it was never planned this way, but I started to make videos for it because that seems to be the only way to bring people's attention to it. By now I think for everybody who is truly interested in it, will find the lessons here, regardless if I update it with videos or not.


More and more I see people who need a break, who need to take a step back, and so it is for me. I need a little bit more rest, more peace and quiet, so I can back, hopefully with new and fresh energy.


I wish you all a wonderful time


Much Love and many Blessings


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